David Osio and the Davos Real Estate Group Launches the New Mobile App

David Osio, together with his Davos Real Estate Group Executive Directors Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, presented the new mobile app to their highly-esteemed clients. Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of its new mobile app “CAP DAVOS Calculator” in a statement to its clients. The mobile app has the capability to estimate the returns of an investment in the real estates in whichever method their customers may be interested.

Davos Real Estate Group is a member company of the conglomerate Davos Financial Group. This is a worldwide leader in the American market for more than 20 years offering financial advice. The primary objectives of Davos Real Estate Group are to formulate an investment strategy which exceeds the expectations of the clients through the combination of premium products within a framework that necessitates the high-end experience and service of a specialized professional team licensed for the offered services. For more information, please visit their website.

Over the past six months the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, Gerard Gonzalez has worked together with Tecknolution to develop and design this mobile application. The app allows its clients to estimate the profit made, over a specified period, of an investment once you have considered the choice of property.

According to the Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Group, the mobile application has been developed with the latest one-of-a-kind technology platform. It is available on Android and iPhone devices. A series of contemporary apps is in the development phase with Tecknolution that has the capability to identify the selected properties in your device and forward the information in a real-time manner to an agent who will conduct an interactive chat with you instantly.

David Osio, concerning the application origin, said that the Davos Real Estate Group had seen the increased need for the app that enables their clients to get assistance through an online platform when making an informed decision on real estate development as the company’s main objective.

According to Gerard Gonzalez, this application is one of the most innovative tools developed by Davos Real Estate Group to suit their projected growth. While the application has numerous benefits, one of it include the Mortgage Calculator that allows their clients estimate the expected profit of investing in whatever they chose best for them.

David Osio is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Davos Real Estate Group. He has also guided the company towards expansion and development to cover the American market.

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Mike Baur’s, Swiss Startup Factory Partners with CTI Invest

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur with interest in supporting Swiss startups. As early as a youth, Mike was fascinated with the subject of Banking and Finance. As such, he is proud for making his youthful desire as his career. After graduating with MBA from Rochester University as well as an Executive MBA from Bern University, Mike Baur started working in the Swiss Private Banking. Here, he served as a commercial apprentice at UBS before his way up as an executive board member of Swiss Private Bank.


With an extensive experience in Finance and Banking, Mike partnered with his two business partners in 2014 to establish the Swiss Startup Factory (SSF). SSF is the Switzerland’s largest privately-financed and sovereign ICT startup accelerator. Under Mike’s helm, Swiss Startup Factory invests adequate time in the Swiss startup programs through mentoring and financial support.


About Swiss Startup Factory


SSF is a Zurich-based startup accelerator launched in 2014. The startup accelerator looks forward to supporting thriving technology entrepreneurs by providing job opportunities and extending their professional networks throughout Switzerland and across the world. Besides, SSF runs a three-month-long training program for Swiss startups. The accelerator program provides exceptional services, mentoring, training, and office space for startups in Zurich. Additionally, it provides an extensive entrepreneurial network to help Swiss startups to achieve their ambitious goals.


Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, the Managing Director of CTI Invest announced at Swiss Venture day that they would collaborate with SSF. CTI Invest is a leading financing institution for Switzerland-based innovative startups. He said that both SSF and CTI Invest would work together on co-organizing events and startup acceleration to further develop the Swiss startup ecosystem. Apparently, they have launched a website with videos and podcasts of Swiss startups.


Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, would be appointed as CTI’s deputy managing director and is foreseen as the successor of the current CTI’s Managing Director, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier. As a long-term strategy to strengthen the relationship between Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier would be appointed as the Managing Partner of the Swiss Startup Factory. The two companies will collaborate on the pre-selection process and training Swiss startups. Currently, they have unveiled a public website with Swiss Startups’ videos and podcasts. SSF will be responsible for supporting CTI Invest in co-organizing events such as Swiss Startup Day and startups acceleration under Swiss Startup Training program. As both SSF and CTI invest are certified as Lean Facilitators, the partnership will adopt the lean concept.



A Labaton Sucharow Client has received the Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Award

Labaton Sucharow LLP is the only firm that provides a practice that is exclusively devoted to representing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblowers. They were proud to announce about the whistleblower who was awarded over $17 million by the SEC for exposing significant offense in the financial services industry.

The award marked the second largest in 6 years from the SEC whistleblower program. It allows whistleblowers to get between 10 to 30 percent of the money collected during a successful enforcement action.

Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower client gave great information that resulted in sanctions against the main player in the financial marketplaces. The whistleblower, in this case, opted to remain unidentified to avoid blacklisting as well as vengeance. The place where the whistleblowers played a role remains anonymous so as to avoid revealing indirectly whistleblower’s identity.

Jordan A. Thomas is a SEC whistleblower lawyer as well as the Chair of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Practice. He said that his customer blew the whistle while others in the financial services industry remained silent for the investors to be entertained. He added that he predicts that in years to come, large and significant cases of SEC will result from whistleblower’s courage. Mr. Thomas was the first officer from a public company to be given the whistleblower award. He for the first time handled a case where an employer was reacting against a whistleblower.

From the protections as well as incentives provided by the SEC Whistleblower Program, qualified whistleblowers rights will remain protected and now have the opportunity to win big monetary awards. Enough funds to allow payment of awards is now available from the Investor Protection Fund established by the Congress.

About Labaton Sucharow LLP
Labaton Sucharow is among the country’s best law firms for over 50 years now. It has lengthily represented institutional investors, businesses as well as customers in business litigation and complex securities. It is the only law firm across the nation that has established an exercise for defending and advocating for whistleblowers who have reported any violation of their rights to the SEC. For the firm to be able to achieve their goals, the Whistleblower Representation Practice employs an in-house crew of detectives, forensic accountants as well as financial analysts who are experienced on federal and state law enforcement. This way, they can represent the whistleblowers in a better and professional way. Labaton Sucharow has consistently been ranked high in The Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, Benchmark Litigation, and The National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ Hot List.

What Makes IAP Worldwide Services Unique

IAP specializes in making impossible things possible. IAP has over 2000 employees in over 25 countries globally. The firm is a leading provider of facilities management, global-scale logistics, and technical and advanced professional services. Employees at IAP solve the most demanding challenges of their clients both in the public and private sector. IAP is dedicated to engaging the unexpected situations like overseas battlefields and natural disasters. The firm is always ready to deal with such situations, based on their experience to plan, coordinate, and carry out technical and complicated logistical challenges.

IAP maintains, manages and operates military installations in civilian facilities, small cities, and remote research laboratories. IAP ensures that it satisfies the customer workforce flexibility needs all over the world by delivering the necessary technologies, people and program management. IAP has been providing its services for over 60 years. Over the years, the firm has built a reputation as a reliable market leader that not only satisfies the needs of customers but also exceeds their expectations on kayescholer.com. IAP prides itself in adopting the missions of its clients as their own and channeling their conviction, experience, and passion for producing exceptional results.

IAP has a corporate responsibility that not only guides them on how they treat their customers but also other people around them. The firm shows its gratitude to the community, which has been an essential part of their story. IAP’s mission and values entail their four fundamental principles that act as cornerstones of its approach. At IAP, you will meet men and women who symbolize what the firm stands for, serving its clients, the community, and employees with purpose and ingenuity.

Leadership at IAP says it all. Its board of directors comprises of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable individuals. Douglas Kitani is the chief executive officer and director of IAP on prnewswire.com. Terry DeRosa is the executive vice president and chief financial officer; Robert Hargis is the vice president of national security programs and technology while Rick Nohmer is the vice president of global support services. IAP has been building the future from the beginning. The group of pioneering companies evolved into the company it is today.

IAP Worldwide Services firmly believes that working together adds value to their services. That explains why it has partnered with several other businesses to make their services exceptional. The firm’s actions align with the highest moral standards and professional conduct. IAP has contract vehicles that give them an opportunity to share their experiences, ingenuity and dedication with the national security agencies, defense, and the government. All this makes IAP a global leading firm.

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Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Have you looked up your name online lately? Do you know what Internet users see when they search your name online? Want to make sure your reputation is positive? That’s where online reputation management comes in.

Having a good reputation can benefit you tremendously, and there are experts that can help. Business owners, entrepreneurs, organization managers and all others who are serious about their endeavors should do whatever it takes to ensure complete customers satisfaction, and boost sales and revenue.

Protecting your online reputation is an important step toward running a successful business. It is imperative that every business owner or professional take proactive measures in tracking comments and reviews about his personal or business profile. Many resources are available to make the process simple and efficient.

People tend to believe what they read online, and that can be bad news for anyone who does not know what people are saying about him or his business. If you do not do something to eliminate adverse remarks or damaging content from search results, you will definitely experience loss of customers and revenue.

Just because you haven’t had problems with anyone online yet doesn’t mean you are immune to attacks, or threats. As an organization leader, business owner or corporate executive, you need to make sure your company’s brand image is well protected, by having a great online reputation monitoring and management system in place.

If you have a damaged reputation online, you will have a hard time operating a successful business. A good online reputation monitoring and management firm can assist you in addressing reputation issues so you can run a successful business.

Reliable reputation management firms utilize content automation modern technology to get their clients the results they seek. These professionals create social media accounts, blogs, and bookmarking websites that positively reflect their clients’ brand. They also use advanced content automation innovation to enhance these pages, making them more likely to appear in top search results. And they have great expertise in pushing down negative reviews to pages where Internet searchers will not see them.

The U.S Money Reserve Highlighted on EPN Enterprise Radio

Philip Diehl, the United States Money Reserve president, discussed the gold market on the entrepreneurial podcast. Philip Diehl, the current U.S. Money Reserve, and Former U.S Mint Director, sat down and chatted with the Enterprise Network Entrepreneurial Radio presenter. The show serves as a center for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and to executives to share their productions, ideas, experiences, services, and strategies. This interview forms one of the numerous media appearances by the current U.S Money Reserve president. He had an opportunity to talk about his leadership background. He also spoke of the healthy future and customer service of the U.S. Money Reserve for the future of gold markets.

He is considered as one of the best Directors of the U.S. Mint. He has a legacy that will be read in the history of the U.S. Mint. The 50 state quarter program descended from him. The first state-issued platinum coin emanated from Philip Diehl. While in this interview, he memorizes the alteration of the United States Mint during his era.

He says that, together with his team, they turned a backward agency into an entrepreneurial company. His six-year commitment never died without bearing fruits. He helped improve customer service as a milestone to foster development and business. While using customer satisfaction to increase productivity, they emerged as the best company in the American Business.

When he became the president of the United States Money Reserve, he used the same commitments and principals to improve customer satisfaction and elevate the company as the biggest state-issuer of coins, bars, and lethal precious metal bullion. For this year, the United States Money Reserve has started a self-directed program to see the IRA metal program grow. This package provides an environment where customers can acquire physical gold as a means of real wealth for retirement. They can also benefit from gold prices.

For all consumers, the U.S Money Reserve produces minted gold. You should choose the United States minted silver, gold, and platinum coins because they are tender-backed by the government. For this coins, you get an assurance that their purity, weight, and content is of the highest standard. The price of gold is expected to increase with the increasing market volatility.

The U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001. It continues to serve the general public as the largest state-issued silver, gold, and platinum products in the country. For them to diversify their products, they have concentrated in customer relation experience.

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The latest Changes in Technology and Fashion Industries

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has done very well in his career. He has earned the respect of many for his achievements in the business world. Burch has an extensive background in industries such as fashion, real estate, and information technology. When he was still in school, he discovered his passion for business, and he has never looked back since then.

After completing his education at the Itchica College, Chris Burch decided to venture into the business world. His elder broker helped him to set up a company known as the Eagles Eye Apparel. After operating the business for several years, he decided to sell it. The company was already successful at the time it was being sold, earning the businessman over one hundred million dollars a year.

At the moment, Chis Burch serves as a principle at an institution known as Burch Creative Capital. He started the company several years ago, and it has been quite successful. The company currently boasts of a very exciting portfolio that has the Cacoon9, Poppin, and Ellen DeGeneres. The private corporation has invested in several other organizations in the globe. His unique ability to discover the relationship between innovation and implementation has played a crucial role in the success of this company.

Just recently, Burch decided to explain to entrepreneurs about fashion and technology. According to the successful businessman, these two industries have a lot of similarities, and they any changes in one of them affect the other. In the recent times, both industries have registered a lot of growth, and they have influenced each other too in different ways.

Chris Burch says that the latest advancements in fashion are being made possible because designers are using the modern technology. The latest technology used makes it possible the designers to protect the consumers. Some individuals believe that it is not fashionable to wear bike protection. However, designers create this particular equipment so that the persons using the bike are protected in case of an accident.

Designers in the modern times are also choosing to use recycled materials when they are making their clothes ensure that they develop some unique and fabulous designs. Segrasegra is a respected artist in the world, and he once used recycled bicycle tubes to come up with jackets and fashionable T-shirts. These new changes in the fashion industry have been made possible by the use of technology. Chris Burch says that the future of the industries looks bright.

Devco is Having a Hard Time Developing Money

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to pay $1 million in principal and interest on a $20 million loan that was received by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This Authority had already been behind in payments by 5 years, totaling almost $7 million in missed payments.

The loan was used to build The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp. This corporation has been hyped up by a state Senate as a model of what is possible when public money is channeled through private firms for large construction. Headed by Chris Paladino, Devco (New Brunswick Development Corp.) has every intention of paying back the $20 million loan, but states it could take a little while longer. For the complete article, visit the Press of Atlantic City website.

Devco is a private non-profit real estate development company started in the 1970’s. This company serves as a facilitator for the New Brunswick’s renewal. They have expertise in creating alliances, strong public or private partnerships and groundbreaking project financing to help them create award-winning mixed-use projects.

Since Devco was established they have overseen almost $1.6 billion worth of investment in New Brunswick. Even with the rest of the country suffering through challenging times, New Brunswick continues to redevelop with help by Devco’s unique method. They are always opening breaking ground on one project or another while simultaneously financing other projects and visualizing future projects.



Geoff Cone on New Zealand Taxes

New Zealand is not the place to go for people who want to not pay taxes on different things that they have had. There are many ways in which the taxes of New Zealand differ from other countries, but the country does not ensure that people will not have to pay taxes.

There are many ways in which the tax economy is changing in New Zealand but it will never be one in which people do not have to pay taxes. It is not a tax haven and it has never been one despite the misconception that many people have about the country and what they can benefit from if they make the decision to move to New Zealand. There are many ways in which New Zealand’s taxes are different than other locations and this means that they will not be able to do different things when they are a part of the country.

The country of New Zealand is open about their taxes. They want their citizens to know that they are able to be taxed on certain things and they always make sure to tell them what the purpose of the tax is. They also want to make sure that people are aware of where their tax money is going. This is how they are transparent with all of their citizens. They are also transparent with a few select countries that they have deals with. They provide tax information to these countries and to the people who are a part of them for their tax purposes.

There are many ways in which Geoff Cone thinks that people will benefit from a move to New Zealand, but taxes are not included in those ways. He wants people to be able to enjoy the benefits that come from living in a tax haven and he knows that New Zealand is not one of those. He also wants to make sure that everyone who moves to New Zealand is aware of the taxes that they have there and that is why he works hard to inform people of that information.

As a global attorney, Geoff Cone has been working to help families for many years. He wants to make sure that these families are able to get what they want out of their global moving experience. He has learned a lot about taxes and tax laws in different countries and he knows the New Zealand laws almost perfectly. He also uses his own experience as someone who lives in a tax haven to help people determine whether that is something that they truly want or if it is something that would even have the major benefits that they think it would.

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How Securus is helping improve parenting

For many families, correction facilities are an enemy of their unity. This is because they separate members of a family and kills its unity when a member commits an offense and ends up paying for it in jail or prison. As a result, families can be separated having a lifetime effect, especially on the young ones who are likely not to understand why their parent or sibling as to go.


Many kids whose parents are serving time grow up without the love or the guidance of a parent. This leads to most of them making the wrong choices or having the company of the wrong associates. Often making poor choices and finding themselves hooked up on drugs, crime or gang activates.


In a bid to bring together families that ate separated by prisons and jails. The authorities have come up solutions aimed at fostering the communication between the inmates and their loved ones. The authorities, however, have to leave the role of offering telecommunication services to inmates and their families to companies who have an agreement with the correction facilities to offer the communication service.


Most families, therefore, are at the mercy of the companies to provide telecommunication services and solutions that are sustainable and try to preserve the family values.


Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of serving their clients with the best and latest telecommunication services. The company has invested heavily in patents and infrastructure that will ensure better services.


Their latest product has been praised by the inmates and their families who believe that the services will give them a chance to unite families that are on the verge of breaking. The technology will also allow inmates to take an active role in the raising of their kids.


Video visitation is the latest addition to the services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus’ clients shall be able to make visitation to their loved ones in prison through video chats.


The inmate will be able to communicate with their loved ones via a live video feed and take part in the activities going on in their children’s lives in the outside word. A father or mother in prison shall be able to help their kid with homework via a video link.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

This will ensure that children whose parents are in correction facilities will enjoy parental love and guidance.