Conservative Targets Revealed By End Citizens United

End Citizens United has always been willing to embark on a path which would take it into a direct battle with many of the wealthiest political donors in the U.S. and the candidates using their funding for their own needs. The latest step taken by the traditional PAC has been to reveal a list of the 20 Republican politicians in Washington D.C. who have done the most for their donors instead of working alongside their constituents to build a better future for the U.S. as a whole.

The list has been revealed under the title, “Big Money 20” and focuses on some of the biggest names in conservatism in the U.S. who have been warned the PAC will be challenging them over the course of the 2018 election campaigning season. Many political commentators were shocked to see some of the Republicans with the safest seats in Congress named to the list as a battle over their position in Washington seems to be an unwinnable battle; however, for End Citizens United the chance to get their message across to the people of the nation about the influence of wealthy billionaire donors seems like too good an opportunity to miss. House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz have both been identified as those who have become the political pawns of the billionaire donor class by End Citizens United and will face a challenge to their positions in Congress by the PAC.

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End Citizens United has been looking to build support for its fight against the rising tide of money from billionaire donors who have been having a major influence on the direction the U.S. is taking in a political sense. Across the nation the people of the U.S. are becoming more concerned about the rising influence of big money in politics on both side of the political spectrum; End Citizens United has been looking to build support among Democrats who have backed their push for fairness in the election cycle. Over the last few months, End Citizens United has built a powerful group of supporters who now number three million members hoping to protect important legislation such as the Johnson Amendment which has come under threat from Republican lawmakers.

Operating as a traditional PAC does not seem to have had an effect on the ability of End Citizens United to raise millions of dollars for the good of the PAC and the Democrat candidates it supports. Tiffany Muller recently revealed the PAC is on course to raise its goal of $35 million to battle to repeal the Citizens United decision of 2010 which has allowed major donors to rise to the top of the political landscape for both major parties.

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Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund And Other Human Rights Organizations

Man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man is still a major problem all over the world. In a number of countries this has led to segments of the population being denied their basic human rights. In response to this, many thoughtful people have come together to form organizations that advocate for human rights, civil rights and migrant rights for all men. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Even in countries with laws that are designed to guarantee basic human rights for all men, poor people and migrant workers still have their rights infringed upon.

In many of the places around the world where powerless, oppressed populations are being denied their rights, several organizations have stepped in to fight on their behalf.

Some of the organization involved in fighting for the rights of the oppressed include Families for Freedom, Equal Justice Network, American Civil Liberties Union, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights and The Advocates for Human Rights.

Amnesty International is one of the best known organizations globally that aggressively advocates for human, civil and migrant rights. Amnesty International has over 7 million members and have been on the front line for over 5 decades. In 1977 the organization won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Another organization that is in the forefront of the fight for human rights, civil rights and migrant rights is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. Founded in 2013 by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the organization gives voice and provides legal and material support for migrants and other people suffering oppression in Arizona.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of The Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Over the past few years they have been writing articles pointing out how migrant workers, African-Americans and others other are being victimized by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County police department.

Sheriff Arpaio had Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey arrested because they would not tell him who gave them the information in their articles and the names of people that read the articles online. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County and were awarded $3.75 million.

They used the money to start the Frontera Fund. The fund assists migrant workers and pays for their legal defense. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund also supports organizations like the Arizona Justice Project as well as other organizations offering assistance to Arizona’s immigrant population and others who are being denied their human, civil and migrant rights.

Securus Technologies Implements Telecommunications Safety Model

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate calling executives to implement a safety telecommunications plan. He believes crime prevention goes beyond incarceration and is an effort put forth by their customers, inmates, law enforcement, and family members of inmates. In fact, as a government network regulation provider, Securus used their technology as the first strategy against crime prevention. They decided to use their surveillance, monitoring, and telecommunication used to regulate other networks in an effort to prevent crime. To date, Securus Technologies has been responsible for preventing many inmate telecommunication crimes before they happen.


Crime Prevention Model


– stop illegal cellphone use

– stop inmate gambling

– eliminate contraband

– provide additional facility monitoring

– eliminate telecommunication crimes

– and more…


Securus Technologies wants their customers to stay connected to their love ones over a secure network. Get the minutes allotted under your contract agreement with website encryption to protect your financial information. PRN News says, Securus Technologies leads the industry as one of the largest inmate communication providers in the industry. Their rates are chosen over competitor networks 5 to 1.


Securus Technologies Features


Award Winners


Securus are the recent recipients of the prestigious Gold Stevie Awards for their high level of customer service excellence. A panel of over 12 local honorary judges chose their network to receive the award. Smith says, Securus remains committed to a high level of customer service.


Advanced Pay Features


Get advanced pay features from Securus and have the minutes you need on your phone when you need it. Customers no longer have to locate an authorized agent to complete their inmate calls.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies network for affordable features and services today.


IDLife Can Be Used For More Than Just Weight Loss

Thanks to Logan Stout IDLife is completely changing the face of personalized nutrition. There is nothing out there quite like IDLife makes it not only unique but completely popular to people all over who are trying to reach their goals. The market of supplements has been very popular in recent years due to people wanting to become healthier and lose weight so that they could live happier lives and be more comfortable in their own skin. One of the things that makes IDLife is extremely popular is the fact that they use high quality ingredients to ensure customers are only putting the best things that earth has to offer into their body. Their use of having personalized nutrition for people has made it easier for people to find what really works for them and due to this they are more likely to buy their recommended products more than one time because they actually work.

IDLife offers a personalized assessment on website that takes in a great deal of information about each customer to provide them with products that are exactly right for them. Without this assessment people would just be buying products and hoping they worked but with the assessment people have peace of mind of knowing a product will work because it was matched to them specifically. There is nothing quite like knowing a product will most likely work before purchasing it. Many people refrain from buying health products because they aren’t sure if they will work but with IDLife they have peace of mind to know it most likely will work.

IDLife sells many different products and well most can be purchased individually they also sell specific bundles for people that include a wide range of their products. They also provide a whole line of products for children who may need them in order to fight against childhood obesity which is a big problem in today’s world. IDLife is a great product for those who are looking to start their own personalized journey to weight loss or just becoming healthier.

IDLife can also be used by those who are trying to achieve specific goals such as having more energy, getting enough nutrients, and many other things. Be sure to check out IDLife’s Website and take the free health assessment today for more information on which products would work best for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

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Now People Can Tune in to Hear Dr. David Samadi

Starting in September of this year, renowned Urologist and the head of the Robotics Surgery department of Lenox Hill Hospital New York City, Dr. David Samadi, is going to start his own broadcast program. He will be making himself available to give advice on various medical topics. The program can be streamed on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The program will be done as a live show and it will be named Sunday House Call with Dr. David Samadi. It will be aired 12.30 PM ET on Sundays.

The program will not just be Dr.Samadi talking about medical issues. It will consist of many guests from the medical field such as health and wellness specialist, doctors, nutritionist etc. Consequently, the subject matter will also be diverse. The show will cover common diseases, male and female health issues, food, nutrition, diets, and other medical topics that are trending at the time. As with a lot of live shows, viewers can call or send emails with health-related questions. These will be answered during as well as after the show. In fact, anyone who is qualified to talk about health-related topics is welcome to contact him to appear on the show.

David Samadi is originally from Iran. When he was still a boy, his family had to flee the country, because of the political turmoil that was going in the country in the late 1970’s. He spent the rest of his childhood in the US and Europe where he attended various schools. By 1994 he graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine with an MD. He worked for a while at Montefiore Medical Centre, before going to France to study robotic surgery. In fact, it was while practicing in France that he completed his fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy.

After returning to the US he began his practice, specializing in Urology and cancer treatment. He specializes in prostate, kidney, and bladder related cancer. Because of his commitment towards individual patient care, rather than taking a one size fits all approach, he quickly became one of the most respected cancer treatment specialists in this region. One of his specialties is his method of treating cancer using minimally invasive methods. He is also credited with finding innovative ways and is considered a pioneer of sorts in prostate surgery. To date, he has over 7000 successful surgeries under his belt.

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Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund: Helping Minority Communities Across America

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is an organization dedicated to helping migrant workers who are living within the United States.

The organization is one who believes in supporting those who have either had their rights are taken away from them, or those who were exploited in any way on the basis of their ethnicity, occupation or any other diversity-based factors. Since the organization was first founded, they have created a wide-scaled impact in different parts of the country.

Countless people have come forward in support of this organization and have stood for the rights that the organization is trying to safeguard. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund have successfully helped several people not just through the organization, but by supporting countless others who operate with the same purpose as well. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who were two individuals who were the founders of the Phoenix New Times. They regularly published articles about the various happenings within the city and the state as well.

In 2007, they decided to write an article about the Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was one of the most well-known sheriffs in the entire country and was known for a large number of arrests that he had done concerning people who were breaking the law.

However, reports started surfacing about these arrests, shedding light on the fact that a large amount of these was not warranted by any court of law. There were also reports indicating that Arpaio had been bribing members of judiciaries to get certain people convicted of crimes that they had not committed, or to increase the current sentences for crimes that do not warrant that long a duration of incarceration. Lacey and Larkin wrote about this and were taken from their homes the day after. They were kept in jails run by Joe Arpaio and were only released two days later.

This incident sparked an incredible amount of rage in Lacey and Larkin who wanted to get justice where it was due. They decided to sue Joe Arpaio and his lawyer for their atrocities, using their case and that of several others as evidence.

They were then awarded a settlement by Maricopa County for three million dollars. Instead of keeping the money for themselves, they decided to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which was aimed at helping people who otherwise would be put in a similar situation such as theirs.

The organization has managed to create massive change in different parts of the country and has helped people who otherwise did not have a way to seek justice for themselves. The organization has also come forward to support several other agencies like Aliento, ACLU, American Immigration Council, Arizona Justice Project, Center for Neighborhood Leadership and much more. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

Through these organizations, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been able to expand its reach and help more people who are in need and who need people to support them in their endeavors to establish their rights.

Jeremy Goldstein Talks About The Pros And Cons Of Stock Options

A few decades ago, providing employees with stock options was a common practice. Many companies paid a fraction of their worker’s salaries by giving them an equivalent stock in the company. This approach ensured that the company minimized its wage book while providing its employees with investments. Jeremy Goldstein contends that this practice is becoming less common.

The disapproval of stock option has been caused by three main factors. First, the drop in value of stock has made the option less appealing to employees. Secondly, employees have become wary of this method of compensation owing to economic crises that has seen most of them suffer losses. Paying staff with shares exposes them to market risks. Through stock options, one can lose a big share of his or her compensation. Lastly, the complex accounting needs arising from stock options has discouraged many companies from using this method of compensation.

Despite of these cons, there are several pros to stock options. Companies can consider stock options instead of wages, insurance coverage or equities. The first benefit of stock option is that it provides an equivalent value to all staff. Secondly, employees stand to benefit if the value of the shares rises. Companies benefit in terms of increased productivity, as the options encourage employees to work harder to ensure the company becomes successful.

Jeremy Goldstein is a revered attorney. Over the years, he has been specializing in employee benefits and compensation of management leaders such as chief executive officers and presidents. As the founder and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, Jeremy Goldstein has fifteen years of experience in business law. He is the manager of his law firm.

The business law expert uses his skills to benefit clients. Verizon, Bank One, Duke Energy, AT&T, and Chevron are some of his leading clients. Besides being a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is a philanthropist. He sits on the board of Fountain House, a nonprofit organization.


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Chandler Youth Group Brings High Tech Training to Underprivileged Youth

It was in 1993 that a man by the name of Alberto Esparza started the Si Se Puede Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing extracurricular activity for Latino and immigrant youths in Chandler, Arizona.

For more than two decades, Si Se Puedo has been offering help with homework, soccer and folkloric dance lessons to underprivileged kids who just need a place where they can go to not only feel safe, but enjoy a sense of community belonging. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The organization has taken a remarkable leap forward of late in the form of STEM – which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Yes, Si Se Puede has gone high tech, and the advantages it brings to Latino, immigrant and other youths is beyond calculation.

Careers in science and engineering mean high paying jobs. There is also a constant need across a variety of industries to fill these kinds of positions. Good paying jobs and high-demand for well-trained people to fill them brings enormous power to those who can obtain such skills. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

That’s why the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is providing financial support to Si Se Puede. Getting immigrant students involved in high tech careers is a path up and out of poverty and into mainstream society.

The Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund was established by two Phoenix journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, using $3.7 million they received after they successfully sued the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff’s Department for unlawful arrest.

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were taken from their home in the middle of the night in 2007 under the orders of then Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They were tossed in jail for nothing more than doing their jobs – writing news stories about the unlawful police tactics of the sheriff’s department.

Former Sheriff Arpaio was recently convicted of criminal contempt of court for actions in relation to the brutal and often illegal police tactics he used against Latino and immigrant people in Arizona. His attempts to quash the First Amendment right of free speech and freedom of the press with his arrest of Lacey and Larkin cost his employer $3.7 million in damages.

Now some of that money is going to organizations like Si Se Puede which assists the very people Sheriff Arpaio so loved to intimidate. It’s proof that there can be justice in a world where determined “good guys” are willing to stand up to those who promote hate and fear in our American community.

Students who participate in Si Se Puebe programs are between the ages of 6 and 18. They attend Title 1 schools and live in the “at-risk” neighborhoods of Chandler and Phoenix. For nearly a quarter century, Si Se Puede has brought hope and opportunity to thousands of young people.

Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews by People Who Used to be in Your Shoes

Freedom Debt Relief is an American company which is dedicated to helping people in huge financial debts pay them off faster and easier by guiding them through the process and helping them create a strategy that will be beneficial to them.

The business of Freedom Debt Relief has been becoming more popular in the United States as the reviews and testimonials from their past clients are continuing to grow. Many of the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews talk about the safety and security that the company inspires in its clients as well as the excellent guidance and the understanding the company has been offering its clients.

One of the testimonials of Freedom Debt Relief reviews is from a client that had started getting collection calls from the bank on a daily basis. That made him feel cornered, and although he knew he had t do something, he felt paralyzed by the problem. This is when decided to trust Freedom Debt Relief. He had been laid off from work, and the anxiety was too much. The client extends his pieces of advice to others who are experiencing the same to take a step towards finding a business to help as soon as possible.

Another testimonial of Freedom Debt Relief is from a woman who had started getting sucked into applying for credit cards. The more she applied and got accepted, the more her best grew, and as it took her long time to pay off, the interest increased as well. After realizing she is drowning in debt, this client reached out to Freedom Debt Relief and started learning about their program. She felt extremely comfortable with the employees who talked to her and evaluated her situation. It was precisely that sense of security that prompted her to sign up for the program and take a step towards paying off her debts. Click here to watch video.

OSI Group Has Many Specialties

People all over the United States have been relying on OSI Group products for a long time. OSI Group is a large company that’s based in Aurora, Illinois just outside of Chicago. It’s so big that it employs workers from all around the planet. It feeds individuals from all around the planet as well. OSI Group is a firm that concentrates on food. Food isn’t where its expertise ends, though. It also makes protein products that are available for sale in grocery stores internationally.

OSI Group is a company that has a number of goals. It strives to give consumers customized food options, helpful supply chain knowledge, international taste expertise and world-class culinary abilities. The team members at OSI Group know a lot about quality assurance and food safety. They’re also 100 percent devoted to sustainability.

Pork, beef, bacon, poultry, sandwich, fried foods, produce, baked snack, pizza, sausage and hot dog processing are all focal points for the staff at OSI Group. Some examples of OSI Group’s food specialties are pulled pork, fresh dough, salami, chicken fried steak, bacon bits, nuggets, meatballs, roasted pork, Salisbury steak, taquitos, pork hot dogs and beans. People depend on OSI Group for everything from tomatoes and lettuce to bread and raw cuts.

Other areas of expertise that are available through OSI Group are international food supply, food process engineering and food R&D (Research and Development). The team members at OSI Group spend a lot of time thinking about food product development and all of the things it entails. They put attention on detail-oriented subjects such as cost reduction, product ideation, shelf life research, new product development, nutritional details, sensory assessments, duplication, market research concept development. The acquisition of ingredients also is a major topic for OSI Group.

OSI Group is a business that understands the world of food processing. They know exactly how food processing works from start to finish. The company’s food processing skills include frozen and fresh processing, stacking, portioning, slicing, trimming and extrusion. Its food preparation technologies include marination, breading, searing, browning, sous vide, hot oil frying and jacketed kettle. Its food packaging talents, last but not least, are vacuum packaging, overwrapping, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) and foodservice packing. OSI Group is an example of a company that’s constantly trying to improve. That’s the reason it has such a massive and undeniable international appeal.

OSI Group Info: