Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a dental surgeon and a leader of a department in Jamati institutes at the administrative office of His Highness at Aga Khan in France. He was born in 1950 in Tanzania and qualified to be a dental surgeon in 1975 from a Dental school in London. He is in charge of coordinating programs and events in the institutions of the Ismaili community. The institutions are accessible in 16 major areas.

He also works as a bond interfacing Central Asia, Ismaili people and Aga Khan Growth Network Programs institutions. After graduating from a dental school, he spent some years practicing medicine in England. Over the years Dr. Shafik Sachedina has developed innovative interests in healthiness sector. Apart from being a member of the board of governors, he serves in other positions such as an associate in Aga Khan Network committee, associate of Ismaili Leaders Global Forum and also as a FOCUS chairman. Additionally, he has helped in various charitable capacities such as Ismaili Council President in UK branch.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the Sussex Health Care joint chairman. Sussex health care is an institution that has been participating in providing support and health care services for over 25 years. The facility offers personalized care services and in 2002 they received accreditation for offering quality services. Sussex Company is the first dependent home care provider to be given ISO and HQS. The company acknowledges the importance of recreational and leisure activities that are vital to the conservation of one’s wellbeing. They select activities by considering individuals previous actions and interests. They inspire learning of fresh skills. The companies’ employs highly qualified specialists and a managing team to operate those homes and are responsible for formulating policies. They offer services such as care to the people with learning disabilities, neurological care, caring for aging and caring for the dementia patient.

Dr. Shafik is a sitting member of Institutes of Ismaili. The aim of the institutes is to promote the learning of Muslim societies and culture both modern and historically. It also acts as a meeting point of Ismaili people as it seeks to understand thoughts and history including the ignored fields of mysterious Shiism and Islam. The institution appeals to the international experience and knowledge of different scholars and organizations to produce awareness through publication, corporations, and imitativeness in Islamic Studies field. In Jamie institution, Mr. Sachedina is the one in a position to lead the department and coordinates their work although the institutions are accountable to the Imam.

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The role of human rights groups in the society

The role of rights groups in any society is critical. These are the groups that play the role of protecting the people from violation of their rights. Human and civil rights are a guaranteed for all people, and therefore they deserve to be given to them with no conditions. Human rights violations are a crucial aspect of every society, and therefore their protection is something that means a lot. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Human rights are important in that they allow every human being to live and enjoy life like every other human being in all the corners of the earth. Human rights make human beings equal. Acts of racial discrimination are retrogressive and should not be allowed to happen.

Discrimination of human beings is a practice that has been in existence since the beginning of times. It is a vice that the society has been fighting although it has not been fully eliminated. It is work in progress. What makes it hard for the society to eliminate these vices is the fact that most of the practices that amount to human discrimination are part of the culture of some people.

Some communities for a very long time have been fed with the falsehood that they are superior to the rest and therefore they should not allow people of certain origins to share anything with them.

The myths and beliefs that people have accumulated from one generation to another are the reasons why the fight against human rights discrimination an uphill task.

Human rights abuses happen all the time. Despite serious effort that is being applied to eliminate the vice, it has not stopped. This has made the role of human rights groups in the society important.

They are independent groups whose role is to research the wrongs being committed in the community and highlighting them so that the government or any other relevant body may take the appropriate measures to deal with the problems witnessed.

Rights groups can also take up the role of educating the masses about their rights. It is common knowledge that many people do not understand their rights. This makes them not even know when injustices are being committed against them. To stop such cases, rights groups play a crucial role in educating the people about the rights they deserve. Educating the public also helps in documenting the violations that are happening.

An informed public will also be able to pressure the government to act on cases of injustices. If the government does not act, then they can ask the international community to take up the role of pushing for reforms and justice to those whose rights have been contravened.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started the group. These two are journalists from the state of Arizona. They are passionate about the injustices that people commit to the immigrant community in the state. Arizona leads as one of the states with massive violations of human rights, especially to the immigrants.

This has led to the establishment of numerous groups that fight for the rights of the migrants’ community. Lacey and Larkin are supportive of the move and have been funding organizations that are helping to fight this vice. They started the group with an endowment fund of $3.75 million.

How To Identify Good Trends The Way Paul Mampilly Does

Buying stocks through a big name financial institution or wealth management firm is not the only way to do it. There are outlets to buy them cheaper and have no broker fees, and that’s what Paul Mampilly writes about in his newsletters. Mampilly worked with several banking and broker firms during his time on Wall Street, but he left that career to help people by writing newsletters for them. He studies trends both in consumer spending, innovations in healthcare and pharmaceutical developments and other mega trends. Mampilly is specifically focusing on Internet of Things investments which include artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, new smart technology and cryptocurrency.

Paul Mampilly came to the US in the mid-1980s to study at Montclair State University, and as he recalls in an interview with Ideamensch, he had to work part-time as a janitor and a gas station attendant in order to support himself during his schooling. But after completing his bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, he found an opening at Deutsche Bank as a research assistant. Mampilly showed so much potential to his superiors that he was soon making big investment decisions for the bank’s clients. He went on to do more of the same at ING, Banker’s Trust and Kinetics International Fund. At Kinetics International Fund, he managed over $25 billion in client funds that he had helped grow to that level from $6 billion, and he was listed in Barron’s for leading a hedge fund that saw returns up to 40% annually.

Some of Paul Mampilly’s signature accomplishments were predicting the 2008 recession before it happened, winning the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition during that year and being one of the first investors to see the potential of Facebook in its early stage. Mampilly may now be retired from the corporate life, but he still enjoys buying stocks and showing them to his followers in his portfolio. He publishes his newsletters through Banyan Hill, a subsidiary news organization of Agora Financial which has many other former investment banking and wealth management specialists working for them to bring middle class people real stock market knowledge. Mampilly’s first newsletter “Profits Unlimited” grew to over 60,000 subscribers within just a few months, and his latest newsletters “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” have amassed even more. Banyan Hill’s website has a lot of articles and links to Mampilly’s YouTube channel where he discusses some of the latest most important technology worth investing in.

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Why Choose Rocketship Education

Anyone who has ever wanted to send their children to a great school, Rocketship Education is totally different from any public school that you might have sent to your children to in the past. Public schools simply are not equipped to handle the large load of children who go to them each and every day. The student-to-teacher ratio is incredibly unbalanced, and this is why so many parents are making the decision to send their children to charter schools in order for them to get a higher quality education. If this is something that you would like to consider doing for yourself, you might want to consider a schooling system known as Rocketship Education.

 The reason Rocketship Education is the preferred charter school of choice is because it has been around for so long. In fact, it was created over 10 years ago, and has seen over 15,000 students come and go over those many years. Because they are able to give a more personalized experience for your child, your kids will have a better education going here then they would when going to a public school. Also, you will notice that it is totally free to send your child to Rocketship Education compared to sending them to a private school that is local to your home. Rocketship Education also has a variety of different programs available to meet your child’s educational needs.

 There has never been a greater time for you to send your child to an amazing school than right now. Rocketship Education has everything that your child could possibly need for their education. This allows them to get the schooling that they require without necessarily having to go to a private school and you spend a small fortune in order to send them there. If you would like to learn more about Rocketship Education, you can visit their website and see exactly what they are able to offer to you. This is something that you are going to find to be incredibly beneficial in many different ways, and it is a great choice for you when you would like to be able to get the most out of this option and know that they are getting a good education.

Learning About Jim Larkin And His Life

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, in a poor area. He entered the world in 1876. This man was born to Irish parents and he received little education. This man completed manual labor jobs, working at the Liverpool Docks. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling

He became a foreman at those docks. He was someone who wanted to make sure that the workers around him were treated fairly, and he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers. Jim Larkin eventually became an Irish Labor Organizer and he founded the Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union. This union that he created became the largest union in the region where he was located. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

When World War I took place, Jim Larkin was someone who spoke against the war. He put together an anti-war event in Dublin to let his thoughts be known. He also made his way to the United States of America to see if he could get some money to help fight off the British.

He was convicted in 1920 for both criminal anarchy and for communism. Three years later, he was pardoned. He was sent back to Ireland. He was someone who knew what he believed, and he tried to follow after that and let his thoughts be known to others.

Jim Larkin was married. He wed Elizabeth Brown in 1903 and the two started a family together. He was a father, with his wife giving birth to four sons. In addition to all that he was involved in, Jim Larkin was someone who had a family.

Fabletics Ensuring Customers Get High-Quality Fitness Wear Always

The competition is cut-throat in just about any niche these days, but in the fashion industry, the competition is far fiercer than one can imagine. It is not easy for a new company to become successful in the fashion sector, but it is what Fabletics has managed to do in a short period. The company has been consistently growing since the time it launched in 2013 and not only has the company made 1.2 million paid VIP members, its sales figure has been hitting new highs every quarter ever since it began. The design of the activewear it offers to the consumers is unique and different and has been able to attract the target audience.


Fabletics uses technology extensively to design its business development strategies. The company employs big data to help understand which marketing strategy is working, which products are selling, and what is the general market sentiment. The data availed by using the technology improves in making changes to the business strategy in real-time. The company also lays high importance on what the customers have to say about the company on social media. Every review about Fabletics online is screened and responded to ensure that the customers are happy and satisfied with the company’s answers and solutions.


Fabletics has a subscription-based marketing model that has helped in accelerating its sales and turnover. It means that the customers who become VIP members get many different facilities apart from getting the discounts, and they also get three items from the company each month, delivered to their doorstep. It makes online shopping easy for the customers. The reverse showroom technique implemented by Fabletics has helped with boosting the sales of the company as now the customers can not only check out company’s products online but also at their stores. The company plans to open many new stores across the country at strategic locations to help the potential customers’ walk-in to the shops and see for themselves the quality of the products offered by Fabletics.


The reverse showrooming technique has also been adopted earlier by brands like Warby Parker and Apple and has proved to be highly successful. Fabletics has managed to gain the top spot in the activewear industry primarily because of the price point at which it sells its products. Even though many brands offer fitness wear, there are very few that can compete with Fabletics regarding pricing, and also the overall personalized shopping experience it provides.

Conservative Targets Revealed By End Citizens United

End Citizens United has always been willing to embark on a path which would take it into a direct battle with many of the wealthiest political donors in the U.S. and the candidates using their funding for their own needs. The latest step taken by the traditional PAC has been to reveal a list of the 20 Republican politicians in Washington D.C. who have done the most for their donors instead of working alongside their constituents to build a better future for the U.S. as a whole.

The list has been revealed under the title, “Big Money 20” and focuses on some of the biggest names in conservatism in the U.S. who have been warned the PAC will be challenging them over the course of the 2018 election campaigning season. Many political commentators were shocked to see some of the Republicans with the safest seats in Congress named to the list as a battle over their position in Washington seems to be an unwinnable battle; however, for End Citizens United the chance to get their message across to the people of the nation about the influence of wealthy billionaire donors seems like too good an opportunity to miss. House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz have both been identified as those who have become the political pawns of the billionaire donor class by End Citizens United and will face a challenge to their positions in Congress by the PAC.

Read more: Meehan named as one of 20 targets for End Citizens United group

End Citizens United has been looking to build support for its fight against the rising tide of money from billionaire donors who have been having a major influence on the direction the U.S. is taking in a political sense. Across the nation the people of the U.S. are becoming more concerned about the rising influence of big money in politics on both side of the political spectrum; End Citizens United has been looking to build support among Democrats who have backed their push for fairness in the election cycle. Over the last few months, End Citizens United has built a powerful group of supporters who now number three million members hoping to protect important legislation such as the Johnson Amendment which has come under threat from Republican lawmakers.

Operating as a traditional PAC does not seem to have had an effect on the ability of End Citizens United to raise millions of dollars for the good of the PAC and the Democrat candidates it supports. Tiffany Muller recently revealed the PAC is on course to raise its goal of $35 million to battle to repeal the Citizens United decision of 2010 which has allowed major donors to rise to the top of the political landscape for both major parties.

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Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund And Other Human Rights Organizations

Man’s inhumanity towards his fellow man is still a major problem all over the world. In a number of countries this has led to segments of the population being denied their basic human rights. In response to this, many thoughtful people have come together to form organizations that advocate for human rights, civil rights and migrant rights for all men. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Even in countries with laws that are designed to guarantee basic human rights for all men, poor people and migrant workers still have their rights infringed upon.

In many of the places around the world where powerless, oppressed populations are being denied their rights, several organizations have stepped in to fight on their behalf.

Some of the organization involved in fighting for the rights of the oppressed include Families for Freedom, Equal Justice Network, American Civil Liberties Union, The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights and The Advocates for Human Rights.

Amnesty International is one of the best known organizations globally that aggressively advocates for human, civil and migrant rights. Amnesty International has over 7 million members and have been on the front line for over 5 decades. In 1977 the organization won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Another organization that is in the forefront of the fight for human rights, civil rights and migrant rights is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. Founded in 2013 by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the organization gives voice and provides legal and material support for migrants and other people suffering oppression in Arizona.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of The Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Over the past few years they have been writing articles pointing out how migrant workers, African-Americans and others other are being victimized by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County police department.

Sheriff Arpaio had Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey arrested because they would not tell him who gave them the information in their articles and the names of people that read the articles online. Larkin and Lacey sued Maricopa County and were awarded $3.75 million.

They used the money to start the Frontera Fund. The fund assists migrant workers and pays for their legal defense. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund also supports organizations like the Arizona Justice Project as well as other organizations offering assistance to Arizona’s immigrant population and others who are being denied their human, civil and migrant rights.

Securus Technologies Implements Telecommunications Safety Model

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate calling executives to implement a safety telecommunications plan. He believes crime prevention goes beyond incarceration and is an effort put forth by their customers, inmates, law enforcement, and family members of inmates. In fact, as a government network regulation provider, Securus used their technology as the first strategy against crime prevention. They decided to use their surveillance, monitoring, and telecommunication used to regulate other networks in an effort to prevent crime. To date, Securus Technologies has been responsible for preventing many inmate telecommunication crimes before they happen.


Crime Prevention Model


– stop illegal cellphone use

– stop inmate gambling

– eliminate contraband

– provide additional facility monitoring

– eliminate telecommunication crimes

– and more…


Securus Technologies wants their customers to stay connected to their love ones over a secure network. Get the minutes allotted under your contract agreement with website encryption to protect your financial information. PRN News says, Securus Technologies leads the industry as one of the largest inmate communication providers in the industry. Their rates are chosen over competitor networks 5 to 1.


Securus Technologies Features


Award Winners


Securus are the recent recipients of the prestigious Gold Stevie Awards for their high level of customer service excellence. A panel of over 12 local honorary judges chose their network to receive the award. Smith says, Securus remains committed to a high level of customer service.


Advanced Pay Features


Get advanced pay features from Securus and have the minutes you need on your phone when you need it. Customers no longer have to locate an authorized agent to complete their inmate calls.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies network for affordable features and services today.


IDLife Can Be Used For More Than Just Weight Loss

Thanks to Logan Stout IDLife is completely changing the face of personalized nutrition. There is nothing out there quite like IDLife makes it not only unique but completely popular to people all over who are trying to reach their goals. The market of supplements has been very popular in recent years due to people wanting to become healthier and lose weight so that they could live happier lives and be more comfortable in their own skin. One of the things that makes IDLife is extremely popular is the fact that they use high quality ingredients to ensure customers are only putting the best things that earth has to offer into their body. Their use of having personalized nutrition for people has made it easier for people to find what really works for them and due to this they are more likely to buy their recommended products more than one time because they actually work.

IDLife offers a personalized assessment on website that takes in a great deal of information about each customer to provide them with products that are exactly right for them. Without this assessment people would just be buying products and hoping they worked but with the assessment people have peace of mind of knowing a product will work because it was matched to them specifically. There is nothing quite like knowing a product will most likely work before purchasing it. Many people refrain from buying health products because they aren’t sure if they will work but with IDLife they have peace of mind to know it most likely will work.

IDLife sells many different products and well most can be purchased individually they also sell specific bundles for people that include a wide range of their products. They also provide a whole line of products for children who may need them in order to fight against childhood obesity which is a big problem in today’s world. IDLife is a great product for those who are looking to start their own personalized journey to weight loss or just becoming healthier.

IDLife can also be used by those who are trying to achieve specific goals such as having more energy, getting enough nutrients, and many other things. Be sure to check out IDLife’s Website and take the free health assessment today for more information on which products would work best for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

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