Communication Platform: Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a forum that seeks to bring together students, teachers and parents. The platform was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don on June 1st 2011. It is currently been used in most parts of the United States and in other over 180 countries. It has been described as the perfect and best way to ensure that these three groups of people get to enjoy more time together. Its mission is all about reinventing classrooms. It’s about bringing a classroom feeling to parents, teachers and students wherever they are.

Teachers enjoy using ClassDojo since it enables them connect better with their students and also get a chance to engage with their parents. ClassDojo ensures that classrooms are made exciting. This in turn makes students very happy and positive which is very essential in any learning environment. One of the best things about ClassDojo is that it is led by a teacher. This ensures there is some order when using it. Parents are able to engage with students and teachers through instant messages which are private and announcements that ensure they are regularly updated about all school and class activities. In addition to this, parents also get the opportunity to have a feel of how the classes are through photographs.

ClassDojo is pretty efficient since parents can translate all the messages in any language they prefer thus enhancing understanding. ClassDojo is quite secure and has installed privacy measures that ensures its community is well protected. ClassDojo is made up of a team of professionals who have background in public and charter schools. ClassDojo is backed by investors such as Imagine K12/Y Combinator, General Catalyst, GSV, SV Angel, Reach Capital, SignalFire and others.

ClassDojo has been teaming up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales Center. The purpose of this partnership is produces animated videos that will be instrumental as teaching aids. The videos to be produced are, A Secret About the Brain, The Magic Of Mistakes, The Power of ‘Yet’, The Mysterious World of Neurons and Little by Little. Through this, students’ growth mindset can be really enhanced. Recently ClassDojo was able to raise $ 21 million that will be used for funding the development of schools through student activities. One can find more information about ClassDojo through its website and also through their social media pages Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Kevin Seawright Helps Newark’s Youth Get Jobs

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey is a driving force in helping the citizens of Newark attain employment and nourish the economic climate. Recently, CFO Kevin Seawright announced that his agency was partnering with NewarkWorks and two large banks to focus on the youth of the community. The six-week summer program that Seawright developed provides over 3,000 students with minimum wage jobs in participating companies. The students receive job training, financial success lessons and college-preparedness lessons while getting paid. The partnering banks are providing the fiscal training while the students are working in the program, which focuses on real-world skills, like managing checking and savings accounts. College-preparedness lessons will focus on the logistics of navigating the college environment, like applying and registering for classes.

The program was a huge success the previous summer in 2015, and Kevin was pleased to announce that the application process had been transferred to an online platform, making it easier for students to gain access. He also hoped to add 500 more open positions to the program. The students come away from the summer more prepared for both college and the adult work force, making them more productive citizens overall. Everyone ends up benefiting from this program. To read the full press release on the event, click here.

He has been involved in a number of government and economic organizations in his lifetime, and he always leaves them better than when he found them. His success in improving the programs he is involved in is a great hope for the Newark community to keep feeding their economic success. He is a man who realizes that working on the infrastructure of the community will make his city a better place.   Read Kevin speaking about the initiative on LocalTalkNews.

Igor Cornelsen’s Tips For Investing In Brazil

With several countries’ economies struggling to gain traction, Brazil is showing major potential as a smart investment opportunity. Brazil is one of the biggest providers of food and produce in the world on, which is a product no country on earth can do without. This makes the Brazilian market very valuable and a smart investor can make some real money as the market grows in the coming years. The biggest believer in the future of the Brazilian market is expert banker and master investor, Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker that trades with Bainbridge Group Inc, and is managing some of Brazil’s top banks. He is also active on the internet, and his investment tips and advice can be found on websites like this. It is his belief that the product available in Brazil has the potential to skyrocket the country into the big leagues in terms of investing. Cornelsen is trying to get top investors on to put their faith in the Brazilian market, and has a few words of wisdom for potential entrepreneurs:

-Start investing young. Igor Cornelsen is an advocate of starting an investment account as early as possible, so there is time to learn the market and grow.

-Get to know everyone. An investor should get to know the people involved in the companies and products they are selling. This means familiarizing oneself with Brazillian entrepreneurs and bankers to build trust.

-Know the regulations of the market. There are many rules and red tape guarding the current Brazilian market, because it has yet to grow strong. Knowing the regulations and navigating them appropriately can net an investor huge money.

-Know currency exchange rates.  Also, a young investor must make sure their bank can make the exchanges appropriately if they are not local.

Tips like this can be found all over the web just by Googling Igor Cornelsen’s name. His success in investment banking makes him a voice of reason that potential investors should listen to in the volatile stock market. Thanks to those like him, perhaps the Brazilian market can grow and make trade a bit easier for all countries.

Status Labs President Darius Fisher Gives Advice on Managing Embarrassing Online Photos

Status Labs is an online management firm that helps clients successfully attract an audience through exciting content to help increase sales and participation. Status Labs offers unique advice for each specific client. The goal of Status Labs is primarily to help clients grow through digital marketing and public relations strategy. The company has offices in Texas, New York, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The President and founder of the company is Darius Fisher. Under Fisher’s watch, the company has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries; including politicians and athletes. While president, Fisher created the strategic vision of the company, established partnerships, and directed sales and account management teams. Before founding Status Labs, Fisher was a political consultant, as well as a copywriter. Fisher is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University.


Recently, Darius Fisher looked at different ways to handle when inappropriate photos are leaked online for the public to see.  Consider hiring a public relations firm to guide you in the process of making statements to the media and handling criticism of your reputation.


Fisher notes that it is important to act immediately and have a positive approach. It’s important to minimize views and damage. Reach out to the administrators and ask that the photo or photos be taken down as soon as possible. An attorney can help you put together a take down notice. Do research on the laws in your state to see if legal action may be taken against the website or distributor.
Look to create some positive content to replace the negative headlines. It is important to have a mobile friendly website. Make sure that all of your social media accounts link back to positive blogs and posts. Most importantly, just learn from the mistake to prevent it from happening again. Use different passwords to protect your phone and accounts from hackers. Have different passwords for things such as bank and e-mail addresses. Check the online privacy

Hayman Capital Management Founder Kyle Bass Is Betting Against China’s Currency

The world is on the verge of another economic meltdown. That’s what economists are saying and there’s proof they are right. The European Union is a mess. Italy’s banking system is a disaster. Venezuela and Brazil are in deep recessions, and China is teetering on the edge of a massive financial collapse that could throw the rest of the world into a repeat of the 2008 financial debacle. But Kyle Bass, the founder and CEO of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management, isn’t convinced the United States is going to be part of the global recession. Bass recently told that there is only a 40 t0 50 percent chance the United States will stop growing, economically speaking, the same points echoed on his blog.

Kyle Bass is known for being an outspoken hedge fund manager. Bass likes the attention, and he isn’t afraid to defend his comments. When Bass was asked about the presidential race, he said Clinton was best suited to be president. Trump wasn’t presidential material even though he expresses the views of millions of Americans, according to Bass. Clinton has always been a Wall Street favorite, so the Bass comments were expected.

China was another topic, and Bass had a lot to say about the Chinese. Mr. Bass believes China is experiencing the worst economic downturn in the last 41 years. He also said the Chinese spent trillions of dollars in capital reserves in 2015 to protect their stock market and their currency. That trend can’t continue, and that’s why Bass is betting millions that the yuan will be devalued in 2016. Bass made a similar bet in 2008 when he bet the market was going to crash. In fact, Bass has a history of risky bets.

Hedge fund investors are not the most respected members of the financial world. In an industry filled with questionable transactions and crazy deals, hedge fund managers are at the top of the list when it comes to not playing by the book. Unfortunately, Kyle Bass is known as one of those hedge fund managers that values money over sound business practices. He prove that when he took General Motors side during the power steering and airbag crisis, and once again when Argentina defaulted on their bonds several years ago.

What is NutriMost? Everything You Need To Know

Losing weight relatively quickly is hard enough, but keeping that weight off is even harder. For some people who have particular body types or certain genetic abnormalities this process becomes even more challenging. For these individuals, simple diet and exercise just are not enough and they often turn to some kind of weight loss program. But there is a problem with most weight loss programs, one which is almost never touched upon – most of them simply do not work.
The reason why most weight loss programs do not work is not complicated, it simply stems from the fact that most weight loss dietary and supplement plans are “flat plans” meaning they are “one size fits all.” The reason this is such a stumbling stone for proper and healthy weight loss is that such plans do not cater to the unique properties of every individual body and rather treat them as if they are all the same. Well, not so with a new weight loss system that is rapidly gaining popularity with doctors, health advocates and weight loss gurus the nation over – NutriMost.

NutriMost boasts the impressive tagline on, “Lose forty pounds in only forty days,” a offer which sounds almost too good too be true. But according to a wide litany of both professionals and patients alike this indeed is the case. And of the driving factors for the diet plans success is it’s ability to account for the individuality of the patient in every instant. You see, unlike many other diet plans NutriMost utilizes state of the art technology to accurately map out one’s body to determine what is and is not most efficient for healthy weight loss. There are no rigorous exercise regimes, no strange starvation plans, no odd life changes and no pre-packaged food which is more akin to cardboard than something you would normally find in your grocery store.  Once on the plan however, Dr. Vasquez was able to effectively shed thirty five pounds in only forty days by following five simple steps: eat organic, work vegetables into the daily diet, known different types of sugars (which to eat and which to avoid),
understand which foods work best with your physiology and lastly, take a body composition test to better understand what works for you and your lifestyle.


Want to lose 40 lbs in 40 days? Try NutriMost!

NutriMost Weightloss Program Helps Shed Pounds

Brad Reifler Offers Investment Tips for the 99%

In a release by Reuters, Forefront Capital founder, and CEO Brad Reifler offers five tips for investors of any income level. These tips will help anyone make a satisfying return from a safe investment.

The diversification tips Mr. Reifler offered were:

1. Be careful how you invest, Consider risks, expenses, and charges. After taking an inventory of your assets, define your goals.
2. Be sure your money is safe.
3. All of your money should not be invested in stocks.
4. Develop trust in your funds’ managers. Be sure you know who will be investing your money.
5. Recognize why you’re investing, and consider the objective of your investment. Be careful how much you invest. If something is working, add to it.

The 1% who dominate the investment world can use strategies, and invest in funds that those with less capital can not invest in. The majority of America can not use diversification, a key to investment success, typically used by the wealthy.
More details on are Bradley’s official website.

To read more see the original Reuters article.

Wen by Chaz Dean is A Winner

Chaz Dean is a hairstylist to the stars. True, most of his clients are Hollywood celebrities. However, his products are readily available to the public. We’ve all seen his famous info-commercials on QVC advertising the Wen hair-care line. Women are sitting around on a stage raving about the wonderful results they obtained with the WEN hair-care products. An article appeared on Bustle about a young woman that decided to put the products to the test. Would the products tame her limp, damaged hair? Were the claims really ridiculous? The results might shock some people.

The Experiment

The young woman put the WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner to the test. She tested the product over a 7 day period. Here is the good news. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner system contains an exclusive all in one shampoo, and styling treatment. The young woman selected the fig formula for her limp and lifeless hair. She also took the time to document the treatments affects in photographs. In the first picture, we see a woman with rather dull and lifeless hair. Over the period, it is easy to see the remarkable changes in her hair texture. Her hair actually looks fuller and livelier. Her hair looks really good and is almost unrecognizable from the first photograph.

Wen by Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean is the Hollywood hair stylist that created the Wen by Chaz hair-care line. He is the creator of the Wen Hair Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner products on too. The 5 in one formula is designed to replace a number of typical hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, detangler, deep conditioners, and leave-in conditioners. The product includes natural ingredients that are very good for the hair.