Seattle Genetics makes a major step in developing anticancer agents

Settle Genetics is a biotechnology company that was established with the aim of developing an antibodies-based anticancer therapy. The industry is the leader in the production of antibody-drug therapies that are meant to utilize the ability of monoclonal antibodies to carry agents capable of killing the rapidly growing cells. The antibody-drug conjugates are designed to avoid attacking the normal cells of the body, hence directing their effect to the cancer cells. The adverse reactions that result from these agents are minimized by their selectivity towards the abnormally growing cancer cells in the body.

The first class of drugs to be developed under the antibody-drug conjugates was the brentuximab vedotin. The drug was developed in collaboration with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Limited Company, and it is recognized in more than 60 countries around the world. The anti-cancer agent is under clinical studies to determine its ability to be used in the management of CD-30 expressing lymphomas such as Hodgkin Lymphoma, Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, and mature T-cell lymphoma as well as B-cell lymphomas. Seattle Genetics has been granted full commercialization rights to brentuximab vedotin due to its collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Limited Company. Another agent under development is the vadastuximab talirine that is being evaluated for a possible effect in individuals with acute myeloid leukemia. Apart from brentuximab vedotin and vadastuximab talirine, other antibody-drug conjugates are still under development.

Seattle Genetics was co-founded by Clay Seagall back in 1998. Clay Seagall is the current Chief Executive Officer and the president of the biotechnology company. He plays a significant role in overseeing the company’s development of clinical and preclinical agents that are targeting the different types of cancers as mentioned above. The company is a bigger player in the market the production of antibody-drug conjugates. Dr. Seagall was behind the success of the company’s fundraising activities that saw the company raising more than 330 million US Dollars via both public and private financing. The company has also signed deals with major businesses in the market such as Genentech collaboration for SGN-40, the deal was valued at over 860 million United States Dollars.

Doctor Clay Seagall attended The University of Maryland from where he graduated with a B.S in Zoology. He also has a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University.

Brian Torchin: Dedicated Champion of Chiropractics

Brian Torchin, is an experienced healthcare professional in the field of Chiropractics in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has opened, staffed, and managed numerous medical offices over the past 34 years and has extensive knowledge of both the business and the medical side of being a healthcare professional. He first discovered his passion for medicine while completing his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at the University of Delaware. Brian, then embraced that sparking passion and went on to obtain an advanced degree in Chiropractics at the New York Chiropractic College. Little did he know that spark of interest in college would turn into an extremely successful lifelong career. He combines his passion, his physical therapy experience, and his chiropractic skills and knowledge to provide his clients with a complete and quality experience.

His passion for to the healthcare field is evident, as he is not only a Chiropractor, he is also the President of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, LLC. His company is one of the largest medical staffing companies in the country, and helps connect talented Doctors and other healthcare professionals, with open jobs in the field. He also writes professional articles for HCRC’s Twitter to provide advice and training for organizations on relevant business topics such as “The Law of Retention: Keeping your Top Talent”.

Despite his huge success with his recruitment firm, he remains committed to providing quality chiropractic care for his patients.

Anthony Marsala Is More Than Head Of Madison Street Capital

Anthony Marsala is indeed head of Madison Street Capital. However, he is a lot more than that today. Anthony was just inducted into the 40/40 recipient club by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. This is a very hard mark to hit, but Anthony Marsala did it with flying colors.

Every year representative from this national organization search for recipients. The recipients must be involved in some important industry work. This can be areas like business or healthcare. These individuals must be a shining light within their industry. That is exactly what Anthony is on a daily basis.

Anthony Marsala is the person that changed investment management. Majority of investment firms do not even make any moves without consulting with Anthony first. Anthony has broken down the walls of not knowing. He has studied the market inside and out, and he has made predictions regarding the fall of the economy and also the rise of the economy. All of the individuals that have listened to him have succeeded, and he has not been wrong yet. Having this large customer base at such a young age is what caught the eyes of representatives from the national association.

Madison Street Capital helps hundreds of businesses on a daily basis. This help stretches around the globe. They first help businesses make smart investments. Secondly, they help businesses build a great work staff and have a wonderful work environment. Madison Street Capital also stays in contact with all of their customers. They do not just provide services and leave the scene. They are not into making customers. They are into making lifelong customers. That is why they study every business in and out even before taking on the project. They want to be sure they can build the right potential within the business.

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Kenneth Goodgame’s Experience Allows Him to Excel

In this day and age, companies are finally starting to recover after the collapse of the global economy during the Great Recession. Many companies are struggling to recover from the losses they suffered. Fortunately, the expertise of Principal Executive Kenneth Goodgame has supported many companies before, during, and after the recession and managed to decrease their losses and increase profits through the most difficult years they have faced.

Ken Goodgame has been a Marketing, Sales, and Retail Merchandising leader in the industry for over twenty years. His veteran status in this industry stands as a testament for what he has and can accomplish with his unique vision and understanding of how a company operates and how people view and understand a company and its products. In fact, his experience has led major companies such as True Value, Newell Rubbermaid, and Home Depot to exponentially increase sales and profits. They have turned to him in order to promote and introduce their new products successfully, time and time again, for a very good reason — he makes the product a success.

His innovative merchandising, business strategy, and financial oversight have allowed companies to excel under his guidance. Goodgame works with companies to establish an effective management team that drive inventory and merchandising and turn around low-performance. He is able to address issues that others are may miss in order to decrease costs and improve overall quality and profitability of the products and companies that he works with. His ability to read market trends and identify shifts in those trends allows him to advise companies to avoid costly mistakes. This has made his expertise very valuable during and after the Great Recession, when he was able to address the unique issues that plagued many companies and get them back on track for a bright future. Companies are able to rely on Ken Goodgame for their future, a good thing to know when so many things these days are so uncertain.

Bob Reina, CEO Talk Fusion Making Marketing Easier

Marketing is the process of making aware of a given product to an individual target market. Personal communication is also important as the idea of distances is separating most people and reduction of cost is also highly recommended as the economic crisis hits most economies. Talk Fusion is a one-stop video products place where all the marketing and personal needs can be solved.

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, and he is changing the marketing industry. Talk Fusion is aiming at spreading and reaching to many people as possible. It launched a Trial Version for the prospective customer for 30 days, and it is risk-free to use. Talk Fusion offers products that fit perfectly into the marketing and communication platform.

Talk Fusion offers various products that are about commercialization. Use of Videos in Emails, Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-Up forms and also Video Chats are the current products that are creating a buzz in regards to business and communication. Sending a video email is affordable, and the message that will be received by the recipient will have an effect spontaneously. Firms that are involved in offering various products can use the video to market to different customers at ago. Through Video Chats responses are always received immediately, and a conversation has been found to be having a feeling of face to face among the users.

All businesses need customers and also reliable partners to be operational. Communication is vital in all the aspects that people are involved in doing. Charity activities have also been proven to gain a lot from Talk Fusion since Video Newsletters serves the best purpose of communicating the agenda of the charity organization. People get swayed and have the reality of a welfare and are encouraged to assist in any cause as intended by the company using the Talk Fusion product.

Talk Fusion is headed by an innovator and a true leader, Bob Reina. Bob recently celebrated his birthday, and he demonstrated how such events could be lively and entertaining. The associates didn’t have to be where Bob was so that they can feel his generosity and goodwill. He used a video Live Email that delivered his celebration while they had fun from their comfort.

Avi Weisfogel Expands His Role As Dentist With Charity Work And Art

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has had a long career in dentistry, and is a leading expert in sleep research. Though he keeps a busy schedule serving patients, he is compelled to follow personal interests that include charity work and supporting the arts.

One of Weisfogel’s favorite and most recognizable charity efforts is a huge GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an organization started by Dr. William Magee in 1982. It helps match surgeons and dentists with needy patients worldwide. Serving mostly young children and teens with deformities like cleft palates and other facial problems, the organization has brought medical and dental professionals from eighty countries to children in over sixty countries. With the help of philanthropists like Avi Weisfogel, Operation Smile has performed a quarter of a million needed free procedures.

Weisfogel is also an avid contributor to popular social media platforms. His Tumblr blog is dedicated to informing the general public about advances in his field. This includes his tireless work in the realm of sleep studies aimed at treating conditions like sleep apnea. Avi manages a network of dentists and scientists from headquarters in South Orange, NJ. Dental Sleep Masters provides patients with oral applicators that help them achieve better health, and is a trophy business model for other professionals who are looking for ways to begin philanthropic efforts connected to their chosen expertise.

The world of music is another way Weisfogel connects with people. He is an amateur composer and collector of funny, artsy, and fascinating videos. Avi uses a presence on sites like MTVArtists to inform people who are drawn to similar interests about his charity and social work, and his thriving niche’ in business.

Successful Digital Tech Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

New Jersey native, Eric Pulier, began his love for programming early in the fourth grade. He studied English Literature at Harvard and took classes at MIT. After college, he moved to Los Angeles to start his first company in 1991, People Doing Things (PDT). This company addressed needs such as healthcare and education through technology. His company merged with another in 1998. In addition to his own businesses, he has invested and founded numerous start ups, including Desktone, Media Platform, and Akane.

His excellence and innovation in business has been recognized by his selection to participate in or execute presidential exhibitions. In 1997, he created and executed a presidential technology exhibition called “The Bridge to the 21st century.” He has participated in former Vice-President’s Al Gore’s healthcare and technology forum to assist on health care and technology initiatives. He also participates in Clinton’s global initiative.

He also lead the project, StarBright World, where the social network was designed for terminally ill children. This network allowed them to connect with others in the same situation and share their experiences. He also has donated to and/or sat on the board of other non-profit organizations, The Painted Turtle, a camp for chronically ill children, and the X Prize Foundation.

Pulier has been an active and successful entrepreneur for over 20 years. His contributions to the digital technology start up field have included numerous businesses, start ups, and exhibitions. He has actively worked to help improve the lives of chronically ill children through the social network and the camp.

Solutions Offered By DIVERSANT LLC to it Clients

DIVERSANT LLC is a top provider of IT staffing services in the United States. African-Americans majorly own the company; hence, it operates as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. They offer a wide variety of accessible and consistent staffing solutions, and these include IT staffing augmentations, innovative diversity, and direct hiring. The company has a brilliant strategy that manages is products and services, which are aimed at satisfying the need if the customers, associates, and the society. DIVERSANT treats its clients as partners by using a consultative method while doing business.

Technology is currently evolving hence there is a high demand for highly skilled professionals. DIVERSANT help its clients in acquiring the right IT talent that they need by using very efficient procedures in sourcing and vetting the experts. The specialists have the ability to serve different types of organizations, and they have the knowledge and experience that can be required in developing a fully customized software for the client. DIVERSANT matches different types of talent, culture, and personality with the organizations that need them. This has assisted it in developing robust and long-lasting relationships with the IT consultants and the clients.

John Goullet is a Principal at DIVERSANT LLC a very successful business person. He kicked off his career in IT consultancy and changed to IT staffing in 1994. He has been the founder of various successful IT companies. John has ample knowledge of emerging business trends, and this motivated him to start Info Technologies. He founded the company as an IT staffing enterprise, and his main targeted customers were the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. He steered Info Technologies well and within five years he had built it from a startup capital to a worth of thirty million dollars. The firm was recognized by Inc. magazine as was ranked eighth in the first five hundred fastest growing businesses in America. In 2010, John Goullet became a major shareholder of DIVERSANT LLC after he merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. He has continued with his passion of offering IT solutions to business by serving as a leader at DIVERSANT LLC.

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Highland Capital Appoints New Charitable Giving Manager To Improve Its Philanthropy Efforts

James Dondero has spent over thirty years investing in equity markets and the credit markets and would be referred to by most as a financial guru. He has used his knowledge to help create the highly specialized Collateralized Loan Obligation option for investors. However, now in his position as president of co-founder of Highland Capital Management he is hoping to give more back to his community.

Dondero has joined up with prominent Dallas civic leader Linda Owen the former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation president to get more input about how his company can increase their philanthropy. He hopes that Owen will be able to offer more strategic advice to help Highland Capital Management expand its charitable giving program by maximizing its philanthropy opportunities.

To help accomplish this goal, Owen has been given the position of charitable giving manager for Highland Capital which works with The Dallas Foundation to give out donations. James Dondero explains that his company has been doing more philanthropic activities every year and to ensure that they make the largest impact with their efforts they need a dedicated professional. He went on to say that Owen has a stellar reputation within Dallas for building great partnerships and making positive impacts in the community.

Every year Highland Capital Management gives over $3 million to a number of charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation. The company focuses its donations on health care, education, and veteran’s causes and recipients include Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, Dallas Zoo, American Heart Associating, and more.

The company has been highly successful over the last decade enabling it to continue its philanthropy efforts. It manages over $17 billion of assets for customers and is considered to be one of the top global alternative credit managers. It specializes in offering its clients alternative investments in areas such as natural resources, long/short equities, and emerging markets. The company is centered in Dallas but has field offices in Singapore, New York, Seoul, and Sao Paolo. For more information about the company’s philanthropy efforts check out the original story here.


The Career Achievements Of James Dondero

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The services offered by IAP Worldwide

Disasters and emergencies are frequently experienced in many parts of the world. Humanitarian are always in the fore-line to save lives of affected people need a lot of supplies to make their missions possible. IAP Worldwide is a company that offers these services through the provision of supplies in dangerous areas where military activities are required. This is a logistics company that uses technology and skills to deal with different problems that pose a threat to people.

IAP Worldwide Inc. has served in the military procurement and supplies for over 60 years. It started as a supplies agency to the US Army during the operations in Saudi Arabia. The consistency in supplies made them trustworthy thus forming a lifetime partnership with the military. Since then, more international agencies have contracted the company to provide some resources. Apart from the international services, the company offers local services like power generation, transport services among others to their customers.

The workers hired by the firm are highly trained to prove clients with satisfaction to their needs. Individual ability is combined to form a team that has cohesive skills and understanding to find perfect solutions to particular problems. The commitment of workers cannot be matched with other plays in this field. Each professional is entitled to contribute his or her ability in General Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Operations, or Program Management. The combined efforts bring about growth and success of the organization.

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Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

The investment done by the organization ensures all workers have all the resources required to conduct research. Modern laboratories are established where testing and operation of military technologies is performed. In the past year, IAP Worldwide has expanded operations by acquiring tow companies. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) which was acquired specializes in communication and telecommunication engineering. DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) specializes in airplane maintenance and rescue missions.

The organization has been growing over the years. It has operations in over 25 countries in the world. The success enjoyed in disaster management during natural occurrences, or battlefields have made the company the leader in supplying military facilities and technical installation. Other services provided during the rescue missions are transport vehicles and power generators. The technology used has seen many lives saved where the company plays a hand in the rescue mission. The goal of serving the customers is to adopt their mission and work hard till the client is satisfied with the outcomes.

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