Brad Reifler for the Small Investor

There are many issues currently in Wall St. that are perfectly depicted in the movie Money Monster that has recently been released. The movie is a fictional tale about a small investor who becomes increasingly disgruntled and outraged by the way that Wall St. investor firms favor the wealthy and the rich until he reaches a breaking point of violence.

While the movie Money Monster is fictional, the motivations behind it are not, Brad Reifler tells us. There are legitimate issues surrounding Wall St. that are causing middle class Americans throughout the country to become increasingly irritated and frustrated with the system that they believed to be helping everyone. Inherently, Wall St. has a bias towards the wealthier individuals who choose to invest large sums of money, especially over middle class Americans who can not afford to spend a large amount of capital on investments.

The root of the issue is accreditation and the process involved in becoming a certified investor. Theoretically, this is a seal of approval that shows that someone is a competent financial planner. In reality, however, it more often than not is a sign of high social status because of the difficulty in time and money that is dedicated to achieving accreditation.

Issues that arise as a result of this include investment options and fees associated with portfolios. Fees are charged on all portfolios in the form of both management fees and performance fees. In essence, regardless of the quality of work, brokers will get rich while the investor pays their paycheck. In addition, investment options that are open to non-accredited investors are very slim. While the wealthy have the option to choose from investments such as private equity firms and hedge funds, middle class Americans are stuck picking options that are highly correlated to the stock market. This makes the options available for the 99% very risky.

Brad Reifler aims to solve these problems with Forefront Capital. Through his firm, Brad Reifler will charge no management fees and provide sound financial planning portfolios to individuals who are not certified This will allow equal footing for all Americans while investing.  Be sure to check out Brad on his Twitter, as well as his official profile.

Evolution of Smooth: Love your Lips

With so any brands and types of lip balm out there, it is easy to pick one that is not the best for you. This is where the Evolution of Smooth, more commonly known as EOS, comes into play.
EOS lip balms [] are packed with many different types of nutrients that all work together to give your lips the love and care they need. Some of the ingredients that are used include vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. All the lip balms that the Evolution of Smooth creates are completely hypoallergenic, and have been tested by dermatologists. These lip balms are also made without using paraben and are completely petrolatum free. The way that all of these ingredients work together creates very soft and smooth lips.

The Evolution of Smooth has created several different lines of lip balm that you are able to choose from. The Organic Smooth Spheres are pretty much all organic, completely natural, and gluten free. This sphere has a twist-off top and is available in eight sweetly flavored chooses. With a lot of moisturizing agents, this lip balm will provide your lips with long-lasting moisture so your lips are always smooth and soft.
The Visibly Soft Lip Balm is designed to moisturize your lips almost instantaneously. This lip balm is jammed packed with many natural conditioning oils, as well as shea butter and vitamins C and E. These ingredients work all together to make your lips immediately softer.

Smooth Stick Lip Balm is the same EOS lip balm that you have come to love but in a different packaging. Made without any paraben or petrolatum this lip balm is completely natural and somewhat organic. It is also packed full of antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter that keeps your lips soft and smooth. EOS lip balm products are widely available on local Walmart stores. It can also be ordered online via Amazon.


The Olympic Valley Incorporation that never was

There is now light at the end of the tunnel as Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities and the Squaw Valley Resort are experiencing relief from the two most serious challenges that they have been faced with in the last few years. A devastating drought and the threat of incorporating Olympic Valley, home to Squaw Valley Resort, took a heavy toll on winter sports resorts and other small businesses here. The fear of losing business and the threat of an unwelcome incorporation of the area had been the worry of many for years.The area is no longer under the incorporation threat and also early season storms and cold temperatures have ensured that Squaw Valley and other resorts in the area opened earlier than usual, for the first time for nearly a decade.

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Holding on, fought against the incorporation because he believed that it could have increased taxes, reduced services and ultimately isolate the communities living here from the others as Reno-Gazette Journal reported it. His efforts were rewarded when the incorporation backers withdrew their pursuit due to legalities. To this effect, the Holdings plan on increasing developments in both commercial and residential undertakings in the area to improve the profile and harmony of the communities living here. At the same time, they also have plans to connect Squaw Valley and the neighboring Alpine Meadow area by the use of a gondola. This connection will integrate the local communities to live and work together. The Local Agency Formation Commission in California stalled the incorporation campaign for the main reason that a town council was not a viable proposition for the area. Wirth now believes that the way forward now for the area is uniting the local communities through a well-developed transportation network.

Currently, Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a company that has made the area a world-class tourist destination. He was also appointed to the board of the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors’ Authority (RSCVA) in 2013. He has vast experience in international resort management having worked with various airlines in Utah, Colorado, and Canada. He is also actively involved in contributing to both the environmental and community activities in the Lake Tahoe area with the objective of improving the wellbeing of the local communities. He is also the co-founder of Ironman team known as the “Wounded Warrior Support” that raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation to honor and support the fine men of the Navy SEALs together with their families after they return home. He mooted this idea after being involved in a skydiving accident which motivated him to encourage others to have hope despite the odds they face in life.