What You Should Know About JustFab And The Contribution Of Don Ressler

Success in business is brought by many factors among them dedication, experience, skills and proper decision making. These are some of the terms that should be used when describing Don Ressler and reviewing the success he has achieved in the several startups he has launched and nurtured into successful businesses. Don Ressler is a professional way above his peers in the business world because of his execution strategies and the ability to spot gaps in the market.

Most of the businesses Don Ressler has come up with have dominated the markets he has chosen and his continued support for upcoming entrepreneurs can be seen as a step in the right direction. Don Ressler kicked off his career as an entrepreneur with FitnessHeaven.com, which dealt with fitness items. The company would be sold in 2001 to Intermix Media and his motive in this transaction was to raise capital necessary for his next startup.

At Intermix, he met with Adam Goldenberg, the company’s COO and they seemed to have similar ideas when it comes to online businesses. Therefore, they merged their efforts and decided to start a company on Pando. This joint effort saw the birth of Alena Media, which ran a marketing franchise for online businesses. Alena performed quite well and in less than two year, they earned millions from the marketing franchise. Owing to the fact they had a progressive plan, in 2005 they sold Alena to News Corp. This was to help Ressler and Goldenberg move to better ideas and probably advance their experience.

The presence of prior experience in digital marketing allowed the duo to come up with new businesses that they would promote using the skills and experience they had. After a session brainstorming, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler arrived at a conclusion that saw the inception of Intelligent Beauty. The company had two brands, SENSA, a weight-loss section and DERMATORE, which deals with beauty products and cosmetics.

2010 was time to advance their strategies and they launched a bigger and one of the most successful companies they have, JustFab. JustFab offers online subscription services to customers looking for fashion items like clothes, shoes and handbags. Since its launch, they have received funding from venture capitals twice.

The first funding was from Matrix Ventures and amounted to $33 million while their second came from a number of companies including Matrix Ventures amounting to $76 million. This money boosted the company and allowed JustFab to establish presence in other markets like Canada, United Kingdom and Germany.

Online Reputation Management: The Importance Of Transparency

When it comes to online reputation management, your first line of defense is to maintain an impeccable reputation. This means providing high-quality products and services, an excellent customer experience and conducting business in an ethical, honest manner.
In a perfect world, no one would make poor choices or be a party to anything less than upfront and honorable.

But in real life things happen. Situations arise that may draw negative press or feedback. Mistakes are made, things don’t go as planned, you name it. While your reputation may not take as bad a hit as this Chancellor of a prestigious university did, there may come a time when you need to deal with a sticky situation or PR nightmare. Maybe you released a faulty product, or someone in your company acted in an unflattering way that negatively reflected on how you Brand Yourself. Whatever the case may be, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can simply “erase” negative feedback, criticism or press.

Transparency Is The Best Policy

When the critics strike, your best course of action is transparency. If you made a mistake, admit it. If you owe an apology, make it public. And, if you have the opportunity to make it right, do so.

It’s not always easy when a full-scale attack has been launched on your brand. Often, it just takes one Tweet or bad review to kick things off, and next thing you know you are being inundated with negativity. It’s tough to deal with, but addressing things immediately is your best bet. Don’t make the mistake that many companies make by ignoring it.

While paying big bucks to try and “scrub” your reputation clean may seem like a tempting proposition, it simply doesn’t work. However, there are services that can help you manage your reputation the right way. It’s always a good idea to work with an expert who understands how to navigate the online landscape and ensure your brand puts its best face forward.