George Soros is Still in the Game

In 2016, George Soros committed $25,000,000 supporting Democratic candidates and causes. That sum may seem a bit daunting to us common folk, but wasn’t much of a stretch for someone Forbes Magazine calls the world’s 23rd richest person. In fact, over the years, he donated far more than this (billions, not millions) to progressive-liberal political causes as well as human rights, public health, and education.

The 84 year old self-made billionaire is still remarkably active. After Donald Trump’s rather shocking election victory, George Soros, along with a number of other wealthy liberals, attended a three day, closed door conference sponsored by the Democracy Alliance Donors Club (DA).

Most leading labor unions and liberal groups were represented. A number of other political heavyweights attended, including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

We should expect full scale resistance to Trump’s agenda to start the day he’s sworn in as President. We should also expect people attending this conference to be leading that opposition.

For those unfamiliar with the Democracy Alliance, it was founded in 2005 and has steered an impressive half billion dollars into a number of liberal groups. Among these beneficiaries are the watchdog group Media Matters, Center for American Progress and the data firm Catalist. All of these are run by Clinton allies, so it should be no surprise they were heavily represented at the conference.

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The DA has over 100 members, ranging from business titans such as George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman to lesser luminaries. One membership requirement is to donate $200,000 per year to various groups the DA recommends. This is in additional to annual dues of $30,000, which funds the DA staff and these meetings.

During the campaign, Soros insisted Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were “doing the work of ISIS.” George Soros seldom attends DA meetings and even less often is part of formal proceedings. This time, he was a featured speaker, convincing insiders he is committed to pushing for change over the long haul.

The subject of his talk was his personal experience. Growing up in Hungary, he lived through the Nazi Holocaust and Soviet Communism. George Soros has long donated to efforts to keep societies open around the globe and now sees openness in the U.S. threatened by the upcoming Trump presidency.

That said, Soros has no intention of comparing the U.S. under Trump to Nazi Germany under Hitler or communism under Stalin. That kind of hyperbole would be counterproductive. The reason he mentions these horrors is because it’s part of “his standard bio.” Nazism and communism were major influences on his life.

One rather provocative session was titled “Was the 2016 Election Hacked?” This attempt to explain Clinton’s surprising loss recently gained credibility with the Washington Post story: “Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.”

George Soros has long been a major supporter of liberal causes. George Soros is not backing off now, as this Democracy Alliance conference clearly illustrates.

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Evolution of Smooth Has Taken The Lip Balm Industry By Storm

Lip health and lip balms in general have typically been an overlooked aspects of a person’s overall health, though in reality it is actually a significant part of it. When the lips are chapped and peeling, it is not only painful and can lead to infections, but it is also an eye sore. The lip care industry‘s lack of any good products has been a large factor in peoples disinterest as well, which is why Evolution of Smooth jumped in to change things.

Today, Evolution of Smooth has become one of the leading sellers ( of lip balms in the world, second only to Burt’s Bees, and they did this in less than a decades time. The founders of the company came up with the idea for EOS lip balm after realizing that there weren’t many contenders in the industry, nor had anything changed in decades, which is why people might have lost interest in it. After developing their unique smooth sphere applicators and high quality lip balm, they got the break they needed and got some retailers to sell their products, and now they can be found at major retailers both online and all over the world.

The fact that Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are organic, all natural product, made their appeal that much higher, especially with the many health trends going on today. EOS has a large variety of different colors, scents, flavors, and even different varieties of lip balm for different purposes, all to appeal to the different tastes of consumers out there. Today, EOS lip balms can be found all over the world from nearly any major retailer which includes target for just a few bucks each. They also have a YouTube and several social media pages for their customers and fans to find out more information on their products. Find out more about EOS lip balms, visit the evolutionofsmooth website today!


The Free Internet And Mobile Services Of FreedomPop

When the internet was still in the proverbial dark ages, you had to have a dial up connection to get online. Many people decided that being online should be a free service and something they would never pay for. That very sentiment has been rescinded as individuals now pay for the privilege every single month.


FreedomPop is a service that provides free service for both mobile’s and the internet. They have caused waves in the mobile service field for five years now. This is not the right server for everyone but it really is free and has some incredibly economical options to fit a lot of different types of budgets as well. The FreedomPop review is excellent and when you sign up, there are numerous different services to choose from regarding your mobile and internet connectivity.


FreedomPop’s biggest offering is cell phone service that is absolutely free. This service provides you with 500 Megabytes of 4G of data. You also receive two hundred minutes of voice with no limit on texting. When texts are sent or received, your data will be used. In addition to this service being at no charge, there are absolutely no contracts or fees for cancellation. Most service providers have rather stiff cancellation fees. FreedomPop makes use of the Sprint Network for their services.


While 500 Megabytes is a very low number for individuals who use data on a regular basis, it is important to remember the service is free. For some, like those who stream music and teenagers, this is probably not enough data. The company has stated specifically that this particular service is for the lighter users. Checking email while out and about or browsing through Facebook works just fine. Those who spend hours watching videos on YouTube will need more data.


Should you go over your allotment of data, things can get put of hand quickly. When you have reached the last 100 Megabytes of data in a month you will be charged ten dollars automatically. Customers will be sent an email letting them know there is an automatic charge so they are able to stop this charge before it comes out of their account. Their website can also be used to stop his charge from occurring. The service if completely free for a year, then the charge is ten dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.

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FreedomPop Review: Free 4G Wireless Internet Access Can Help You Save On Your Cell Phone Bill


Refinance Your Car With Ignition Finance To Drastically Slash Your Payments

Buying a new car is expensive. The price of new cars has gotten so high that few people can afford to buy on without financing. However, even with financing car payments can be expensive. For a lot of people, the only monthly payments higher than their car payments are their monthly mortgage or rent payments. Unfortunately, many people view their high monthly car payment as something that they are just stuck with until the car is paid off. This is not the case. People can refinance their cars with Ignition Financial and save a whole lot of money.


Most people are familiar with the concept of refinancing a home. But unfortunately, people give little thought to refinancing a vehicle. Many of the new vehicles sold today are as expensive as houses are in a lot of areas of the country. And the interest rates charged on car loans is always a great deal higher than home loans. You may be thinking: How can I slash my payments by refinancing my car loan? The answer is simple once you understand the way car dealers arrange auto financing for their customers.


Car dealers are always advertising that they can arrange fast and easy auto financing for you. There is a reason for this: Car dealers make a lot of money from arranging financing for their customers. This is how the game works. Car dealers have a lot of lenders that are eager to make auto loans. These lenders allow car dealers to add extra percentage points to the car loans that they arrange. The dealer gets to keep this extra money. This is so profitable that many car dealerships hire finance specialists just to handle arranging the loans. Most consumers are unaware that the dealer is getting a kickback, and that they are paying for it.


A wise consumer that has been duped into this situation can get out of it by refinancing their vehicle. When you refinance your car you are dealing directly with the lender. You can cut out the middle-man and get your car refinanced at a far more attractive interest rate. Do the math and you can see that even lowering your interest rate by a few points will drastically reduce your monthly car payments. You can use this extra money to pay your car loan off sooner or you can save it for something else that you need. There is no downside to refinancing your car at a cheaper interest rate.



Investing in Real Estate Companies Like Construcap


If you want to invest in real estate, you have more options than ever before. In the country of Brazil, there has been a lot of economic growth over the past couple of years. This is a great opportunity to take things to the next level in your own life. If you can invest in real estate, you can start to build up cash flow that will last over the long term. There are a lot of people who have struggled in this area in recent years. With all of the growth in Brazil, it is a great time to start investing. Not only can you make money easily, but you can start to take control of your life as well. Over time, these are things that many people simply cannot take advantage of.


When running a company, it is vital to have the best interests of the customer in mind. There are a lot of business owners who just care about making money. This is not the case with Construcap. This is a company that has done a great job of helping their customers over the years. Not only will they help you make a wise investment, but they can also help you in other ways. Their advice and experience on a variety of topics will help you explore what you can do in real estate together. Buying a rental property to rent out is a huge decision, and you need to have a company like Construcap on your side.

Future Growth

In the future, there will be a lot of economic growth in Brazil. There are many people who are coming to the country in order to take things to a new economic level. If you want to work with a great company in this process, Construcap is the way to go. They have the experience in Brazil that you need on your side during this process. They will help you get to a new level, and the company will be there for you when you need it most.

Construcap Constructs Platinum LEED Sports Facility

What Is Construcap?

Construcap is a leading Brazilian real estate development company. It is also a construction firm. Projects completed by the company include railroads, highways, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories and docks.

This company is considered to be one of the major construction and real estate firms in Brazil. It employs thousands of people as engineers, construction workers, managers and office staff. The firm has a rich construction and development history that dates back to the 1940s. You will find work completed by this Brazilian company all over Brazil as well as abroad in neighboring Latin American countries.

One of the ways that this firm has become so successful is through an integrated approach in the entire corporate structure. This allows the headquarters in Sao Paulo to be on the same page as their field offices throughout Brazil and abroad. The integrated management approach also helps cut costs and waste across development projects.

Construcap Project Receives LEED Platinum Certification

One of the landmark projects of the Sao Paulo based construction firm is the Arena Mineirão. It is a world class soccer stadium that has been certified as a platinum LEED building. Here are just some of the features that helped the Arena Mineirão obtain this rating. It is only given to buildings and projects that go above and beyond environmentally friendly guidelines set forth by the US Green Building Council.

The facility is powered by solar panels and has automated electrical equipment to ensure energy efficiency. It also features a rain collection and storage system that supplies water for toilets, urinals and irrigation for the grounds. The rainwater storage system can hold several months worth of water. It helps prevent draining precious water resources and is a model of water conservation.

Even waste at the stadium is recycled at a rate of 90%. To promote cleaner air, cars with reduced emissions have preferred access to parking at the stadium. Another way that energy is conserved is through an open air design. This maximizes the cooling effects of the air conditioning system which helps maximize energy efficiency.