Capitol Anesthesiology Association Leads The Anesthesiology Field

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) was founded in 1973, providing services to high-acuity hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and Level 1 Trauma Centers in the Austin area. They service places like the Dell Children’s Medical Center and Texas Orthopedics. CAA has grown to become one of the largest independent practices of anesthesiology-specialized physicians in the country. They are dedicated to giving the highest quality of care to over 20 medical facilities, with more than 80 physicians and 130 CRNAs (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists).

Each of CAA’s physicians is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology or is in the process of getting certified. Many of them even have specialized in different areas of medicine, like pediatrics, obstetrics, and cardiothoracic. Their commitment to clinical excellence is met by their amazing 130-person CRNA team that supports their physicians in giving the best anesthesia experience possible. CAA is also a member of the AQI (Anesthesia Quality Institute) and uses education and data training to ensure quality improvement. This partnership lets CAA stay at the forefront of the best patient care, which is CAA’s ultimate commitment.

Being committed to people involves being committed to the community as well. CAA has supported many philanthropic organizations throughout the years, with physicians and CRNAs donating their knowledge and time to many organizations that help serve underprivileged areas all over the world. CAA has been associated with organizations like Operation Smile, Eels on Wheels, Austin Smiles, the Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Partnerships for Children, and Family Eldercare.

Anesthesiologists’ Association:

Securus Technologies – Highly Reputed Technology Firm That’s Committed To Customer Service

Securus Technologies is one of the most famous and well-respected technology companies in the field of public, crime prevention, and prison telecommunication field. The company has helped in transforming the incarceration experience from what it was a couple of decades ago by innovative and cutting-edge technology. Many of the services it provides today to the inmates were unimaginable a few years ago. The company launches a new product or service once a week on average, and it only reflects the kind of emphasis it puts on research and development. Over the years, Securus Technologies has invested millions in research and development, and the fact that it has 600 patents on its name, only proves its commitment towards innovation.


Securus Technologies is proud of its products and services and committed to quality customer service. It recently also bagged Gold Stevie Awards for the best sales and customer service. The fact that it won the award after beating over 2,300 other competitors from across the globe only showcases the core strength of the firm and its commitment towards its 1,200,000 customers it serves currently. The products and services of Securus Technologies are also used by over 3,450 law enforcement agencies.


In a recent press release, the company published excerpts of the letters it receives from the customers each day. In the excerpts released, customers have talked about how the services of Securus Technologies help with crime prevention and how it helps inmates stay connected to their families outside.


As a customer myself for the last several years, I can say that Securus is one of the most customer-oriented companies in the field of prison telecommunication. They provide affordable service and a highly responsive customer service, which helps the customers get complete value for their money. In the press release, they also asked the investors and clients to visit their technology center in Dallas, Texas to witness its extensive infrastructure.