George Soros is Still in the Game

In 2016, George Soros committed $25,000,000 supporting Democratic candidates and causes. That sum may seem a bit daunting to us common folk, but wasn’t much of a stretch for someone Forbes Magazine calls the world’s 23rd richest person. In fact, over the years, he donated far more than this (billions, not millions) to progressive-liberal political causes as well as human rights, public health, and education.

The 84 year old self-made billionaire is still remarkably active. After Donald Trump’s rather shocking election victory, George Soros, along with a number of other wealthy liberals, attended a three day, closed door conference sponsored by the Democracy Alliance Donors Club (DA).

Most leading labor unions and liberal groups were represented. A number of other political heavyweights attended, including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison.

We should expect full scale resistance to Trump’s agenda to start the day he’s sworn in as President. We should also expect people attending this conference to be leading that opposition.

For those unfamiliar with the Democracy Alliance, it was founded in 2005 and has steered an impressive half billion dollars into a number of liberal groups. Among these beneficiaries are the watchdog group Media Matters, Center for American Progress and the data firm Catalist. All of these are run by Clinton allies, so it should be no surprise they were heavily represented at the conference.

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The DA has over 100 members, ranging from business titans such as George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman to lesser luminaries. One membership requirement is to donate $200,000 per year to various groups the DA recommends. This is in additional to annual dues of $30,000, which funds the DA staff and these meetings.

During the campaign, Soros insisted Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were “doing the work of ISIS.” George Soros seldom attends DA meetings and even less often is part of formal proceedings. This time, he was a featured speaker, convincing insiders he is committed to pushing for change over the long haul.

The subject of his talk was his personal experience. Growing up in Hungary, he lived through the Nazi Holocaust and Soviet Communism. George Soros has long donated to efforts to keep societies open around the globe and now sees openness in the U.S. threatened by the upcoming Trump presidency.

That said, Soros has no intention of comparing the U.S. under Trump to Nazi Germany under Hitler or communism under Stalin. That kind of hyperbole would be counterproductive. The reason he mentions these horrors is because it’s part of “his standard bio.” Nazism and communism were major influences on his life.

One rather provocative session was titled “Was the 2016 Election Hacked?” This attempt to explain Clinton’s surprising loss recently gained credibility with the Washington Post story: “Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.”

George Soros has long been a major supporter of liberal causes. George Soros is not backing off now, as this Democracy Alliance conference clearly illustrates.

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Thor Halvorssen Has Reservations About Socialism

Thor Halvorssen had some strong cautionary words to offer in a recent interview with Fox. He was asked about his perspective on democratic socialism and the problems he has with this political and economic system. Thor Halvorssen gave an incredibly detailed and articulate explanation of the extreme dangers inherent with adopting a socialist system of government. He was asked to speak about this trending issue in light of the presidential campaign of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders has hit the campaign trail hard to talk about the possibilities through socialism and how they might improve society as a whole in the U.S. Many of these ideas have been gaining in popularity because a large portion of the population in this country is still trying to recover from the economic crisis of 2008 and faces serious obstacles in maintaining a middle class status. Although Halvorssen said that he thinks Sanders would make a better president than Hillary Clinton, he had some serious warnings to issue about the socialist policies that Sanders would like to see implemented if he were elected.


First of all, Halvorssen qualifies his statements about socialism by saying that not all governments that adopt socialist policies end up violating the human rights of their citizens. Rather, this is true in some of the socialist countries that have morphed into authoritarian regimes over time. Halvorssen offers up the example of Venezueal as strong evidence of what can happen if the power of government is left unchecked. In socialism, Halvorssen offers, the government has a lot of power in fixing prices and controlling the supply of goods. This can, in extreme circumstances, allow the government to loot resources from the people and take away private property rights. If this happens with essential resources, then there can be a very real humanitarian crisis based on extreme resource shortages. In this way, according to Halvorssen, the government ends up taking away the rights of the citizens to provide for themselves and leaves them completely at the mercy of the people in power to secure the resources they need to survive each day.

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