Brad Reifler for the Small Investor

There are many issues currently in Wall St. that are perfectly depicted in the movie Money Monster that has recently been released. The movie is a fictional tale about a small investor who becomes increasingly disgruntled and outraged by the way that Wall St. investor firms favor the wealthy and the rich until he reaches a breaking point of violence.

While the movie Money Monster is fictional, the motivations behind it are not, Brad Reifler tells us. There are legitimate issues surrounding Wall St. that are causing middle class Americans throughout the country to become increasingly irritated and frustrated with the system that they believed to be helping everyone. Inherently, Wall St. has a bias towards the wealthier individuals who choose to invest large sums of money, especially over middle class Americans who can not afford to spend a large amount of capital on investments.

The root of the issue is accreditation and the process involved in becoming a certified investor. Theoretically, this is a seal of approval that shows that someone is a competent financial planner. In reality, however, it more often than not is a sign of high social status because of the difficulty in time and money that is dedicated to achieving accreditation.

Issues that arise as a result of this include investment options and fees associated with portfolios. Fees are charged on all portfolios in the form of both management fees and performance fees. In essence, regardless of the quality of work, brokers will get rich while the investor pays their paycheck. In addition, investment options that are open to non-accredited investors are very slim. While the wealthy have the option to choose from investments such as private equity firms and hedge funds, middle class Americans are stuck picking options that are highly correlated to the stock market. This makes the options available for the 99% very risky.

Brad Reifler aims to solve these problems with Forefront Capital. Through his firm, Brad Reifler will charge no management fees and provide sound financial planning portfolios to individuals who are not certified This will allow equal footing for all Americans while investing.  Be sure to check out Brad on his Twitter, as well as his official profile.

Jim Hunt: Changing the Publication Game

Even though it has only been around for four years, VTA Publications has made quite a mark on the publishing world. It is because of Jim Hunt and his team of hard-working and dedicated employees. Jim knows that he is only as good as the people that he surrounds himself with, and he is always ready and willing to listen to whatever they have to say and get their input. For those unfamiliar with VTA Publications, they are a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses and planning events for special genres. They take a very hands-on and personal approach when it comes to their products and their service.

They are always there to help when you need them and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about a particular product if you are using it for the first time. They try to make things as easy as possible. In their mind, the best way to approach economics in addition to financial is to think outside-the-box. The old way of doing things just isn’t working anymore. It is time to come up with fresh, exciting, and fun ways to conduct business. This way, you keep everyone engaged and happy.

What separates them from other companies of the like is the fact that they have tremendous experience. What this experience brings is knowledge and with knowledge you have power. Nothing is going to frazzle them or catch them off guard or be too overwhelming. Chances are they have seen it before, experienced it, and know the proper solution. They like to have experts on hand, and they are there when you need them, no matter what situation may present itself. When you have experience, you don’t worry at all, because you have seen this before and defeated it.

When they talk about their customers, they speak in glowing terms. They want to have customers for life. They don’t want to have one-time customers. They know that by providing great resources, products, and most of all, customer service, you will feel as though you have gotten what you were promised. That says a lot.

Venezuelan Imports in Trouble

The Financial Times just reported that there are serious concerns over the state of Venezuela’s imports, which continue to plunge at a drastic rate. In the past year alone, Venezuela’s imports have dropped 40 percent.  In fact, the article reports that Venezuela is actually in the middle of the world’s deepest recession right now because of the energy crisis that is capsizing the country.
While Venezuela is home to the largest oil reserves in the world right now, the contraction in imports is a serious blow to the country’s economy as well as international markets. According to expert Danilo Diaz Granados, the drop in imports for Venezuela is completely unprecedented, and only time will tell how damaging this economic downturn will be for the country and the region at large.

Diaz Granados also said, that though the government of Venezuela has been steadily decreasing government spending and implementing a series of intense austerity measures to prevent the country from total economic and political collapse, there appears to be little hope that this will completely stabilize the country. With inflation rates currently spiraling out of hand, no amount of reduction in spending at this rate will make a serious dent in the magnitude of economic turmoil for the country.