The latest Changes in Technology and Fashion Industries

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who has done very well in his career. He has earned the respect of many for his achievements in the business world. Burch has an extensive background in industries such as fashion, real estate, and information technology. When he was still in school, he discovered his passion for business, and he has never looked back since then.

After completing his education at the Itchica College, Chris Burch decided to venture into the business world. His elder broker helped him to set up a company known as the Eagles Eye Apparel. After operating the business for several years, he decided to sell it. The company was already successful at the time it was being sold, earning the businessman over one hundred million dollars a year.

At the moment, Chis Burch serves as a principle at an institution known as Burch Creative Capital. He started the company several years ago, and it has been quite successful. The company currently boasts of a very exciting portfolio that has the Cacoon9, Poppin, and Ellen DeGeneres. The private corporation has invested in several other organizations in the globe. His unique ability to discover the relationship between innovation and implementation has played a crucial role in the success of this company.

Just recently, Burch decided to explain to entrepreneurs about fashion and technology. According to the successful businessman, these two industries have a lot of similarities, and they any changes in one of them affect the other. In the recent times, both industries have registered a lot of growth, and they have influenced each other too in different ways.

Chris Burch says that the latest advancements in fashion are being made possible because designers are using the modern technology. The latest technology used makes it possible the designers to protect the consumers. Some individuals believe that it is not fashionable to wear bike protection. However, designers create this particular equipment so that the persons using the bike are protected in case of an accident.

Designers in the modern times are also choosing to use recycled materials when they are making their clothes ensure that they develop some unique and fabulous designs. Segrasegra is a respected artist in the world, and he once used recycled bicycle tubes to come up with jackets and fashionable T-shirts. These new changes in the fashion industry have been made possible by the use of technology. Chris Burch says that the future of the industries looks bright.