Animal Rescue Contributions from Lime Crime and Doe Deere

Lime crime has been revolutionizing the makeup industry for years. They thrive to never be boring and to offer color combinations that will make people sparkle. Whether a customer is seeking some fun and colorful unicorn colored hair or some soft and fun make up brushes they will not be disappointed in the Lime Crime product line. Starting out with a colorful line of lip sticks, Doe Deere had a vision of changing the way boring make up was created. Learn more:


Doe held true to her beliefs when she was in the lab having new colors and products created. All of the Lime Crime products are vegan free and cruelty free. Lime Crime products get the seal of approval from PETA and Leaping Bunny. Doe has always been actively involved in the importance of the purity and quality of the ingredients that are used in her cosmetic line.


The Lime Crime founder has always had a special place in her heart for animals. That deep love for furry companions sparked a truly giving and creative concept. Lime Crime started creating kitty bundles. These bundles are comprised of two fun Lime Crime products and 20% of the sales benefit The Kitty Bungalow. The Kitty Bungalow is a rehabilitation and rehoming rescue in Los Angeles California. The headmistress of the Kitty bungalow earned her non-profit status in 2009. The idea for this rescue was sparked when Ms. Simmons found several cats living in an abandoned hundred year old home in Los Angeles. Learn more:


Understanding that these cats would not be incorporated into a loving home unless they were retrained headmistress Simmons founded The Kitty Bungalow. Proceeds from the sales of the Lime Crime kitty bundles go towards vet expenses, litter and litter boxes, cat food, toys and any other necessities these cats may need to help prepare them for family life. The quirky bundles that Doe created are Purr, Meow, Bite and Pounce. Purr includes metallic matte velvetines in two colors, Lana and Happi. Meow includes diamond crushers in two colors, Lit and Cheap Thrill. Bite includes two fun velvetines colors, Fetish and Polly. Pounce includes two unicorn lipsticks in Pom Pom and Varsity colors. Many Lime Crime staff members embrace the rescue lifestyle and either have adopted rescue animals or help with fostering dogs and cats for local rescues.