Why The Capital Group Is Becoming a Reliable Investment Firm

If you are aware of who Timothy Armour is, then you may know that he has become well known for being an investor who has been successful by following some proven strategies within the market. He’s the CEO and chairman of the Capital Group; principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., chairman of the Capital Group and more. He now has 34 years of investment experience, all of which have been through working with the Capital Group. In the earlier days of his career as an investment analyst at Capital Group, he’s covered U.S. service companies and global telecommunications. Tim had begun his career by joining The Associates Program at Capital Group. He currently holds a degree in economics. He’s based in the city of Los Angeles.

If you have become an investing enthusiast, then there are no doubts about the fact that you have probably heard of the name Warren Buffett. He may be considered as being one of the best investors ever. He has recently wagered $1,000,000 for charitable purposes in which he’s capable of achieving better ROI’s than groups of hedge fund managers by investing in passive index funds of the S&P 500.

That particular bet is going to be decided this year, and it’s looking like he is going to end up collecting. Tim Armour is absolutely right in the sense that there’s too many expensive and mediocre funds that have been shortchanging investors. It’s imperative for us to ensure that we support the commitments that he’s made to simple and low cost investments that one should buy and hold for long terms. He’s maintained an approach of bottom-up investing in which has has basically rigorously analyzed companies while simultaneously developing durable portfolios- strategies that have proven to be very successful over the course of many decades.

Devco is Having a Hard Time Developing Money

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has failed to pay $1 million in principal and interest on a $20 million loan that was received by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. This Authority had already been behind in payments by 5 years, totaling almost $7 million in missed payments.

The loan was used to build The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp. This corporation has been hyped up by a state Senate as a model of what is possible when public money is channeled through private firms for large construction. Headed by Chris Paladino, Devco (New Brunswick Development Corp.) has every intention of paying back the $20 million loan, but states it could take a little while longer. For the complete article, visit the Press of Atlantic City website.

Devco is a private non-profit real estate development company started in the 1970’s. This company serves as a facilitator for the New Brunswick’s renewal. They have expertise in creating alliances, strong public or private partnerships and groundbreaking project financing to help them create award-winning mixed-use projects.

Since Devco was established they have overseen almost $1.6 billion worth of investment in New Brunswick. Even with the rest of the country suffering through challenging times, New Brunswick continues to redevelop with help by Devco’s unique method. They are always opening breaking ground on one project or another while simultaneously financing other projects and visualizing future projects.



The Importance of Financial Retirement Planning

Working adults often get so tied down with day to day concerns and the normal chaos that life brings that they forget to take the time to properly prepare for retirement. An estimated 65% of Americans each year fail to prepare properly for the years in which they will be unable to work. With the current economic system, it is unwise for working individuals to rely solely upon the government for assistance with living expenses during what should be the golden years. For this reason, it is extremely important for people to begin to prepare for retirement as early as possible. Companies like Wealth Solutions, which assist families with retirement planning in Texas, are often extremely beneficial with regards to planning for retirement investments and expenses.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair, a registered financial advisor with over a decade’s experience with retirement financial planning. Blair established the company with the intentions of assisting families with planning their retirement from beginning to end. The process of retirement planning can be tedious and stressful when taken on alone, so Wealth Solutions’ aim is to make the process as easy as possible. The goal of the company is ultimately lift the burden of retirement planning and to make the process as profitable and as seamless as possible.

Richard Blair has always held a passion for helping individuals set up retirement plans that would benefit both them and their families at an important time in their lives. Richard Blair understands the heart ache and pain that can be caused by a lack preparation. Blair also understands how difficult it can be for working adults to find the time in their busy lives to actually sit down and make a plan for a substantial investment in their futures. This is why Wealth Solutions has created a stream lined process that is designed to help families quickly and effortlessly choose a plan that they feel would be most beneficial to them in the long run. Blair personally assists customers in selecting a plan based on personal factors like the client’s income, assets, and desired quality of life at retirement age. He also helps customers realistically decide the kind of lifestyle that they will be able to afford during these important years. Blair understands the importance of making difficult choices now, so that during retirement years, families can focus on important things like family. Retirement should be about the enjoyment of family and relaxing after a lifetime of work and should not be burdened due to a lack of planning.

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Hayman Capital Management Founder Kyle Bass Is Betting Against China’s Currency

The world is on the verge of another economic meltdown. That’s what economists are saying and there’s proof they are right. The European Union is a mess. Italy’s banking system is a disaster. Venezuela and Brazil are in deep recessions, and China is teetering on the edge of a massive financial collapse that could throw the rest of the world into a repeat of the 2008 financial debacle. But Kyle Bass, the founder and CEO of Dallas-based Hayman Capital Management, isn’t convinced the United States is going to be part of the global recession. Bass recently told Businessinsider.com that there is only a 40 t0 50 percent chance the United States will stop growing, economically speaking, the same points echoed on his blog.

Kyle Bass is known for being an outspoken hedge fund manager. Bass likes the attention, and he isn’t afraid to defend his comments. When Bass was asked about the presidential race, he said Clinton was best suited to be president. Trump wasn’t presidential material even though he expresses the views of millions of Americans, according to Bass. Clinton has always been a Wall Street favorite, so the Bass comments were expected.

China was another topic, and Bass had a lot to say about the Chinese. Mr. Bass believes China is experiencing the worst economic downturn in the last 41 years. He also said the Chinese spent trillions of dollars in capital reserves in 2015 to protect their stock market and their currency. That trend can’t continue, and that’s why Bass is betting millions that the yuan will be devalued in 2016. Bass made a similar bet in 2008 when he bet the market was going to crash. In fact, Bass has a history of risky bets.

Hedge fund investors are not the most respected members of the financial world. In an industry filled with questionable transactions and crazy deals, hedge fund managers are at the top of the list when it comes to not playing by the book. Unfortunately, Kyle Bass is known as one of those hedge fund managers that values money over sound business practices. He prove that when he took General Motors side during the power steering and airbag crisis, and once again when Argentina defaulted on their bonds several years ago.

Brad Reifler Offers Investment Tips for the 99%

In a release by Reuters, Forefront Capital founder, and CEO Brad Reifler offers five tips for investors of any income level. These tips will help anyone make a satisfying return from a safe investment.

The diversification tips Mr. Reifler offered were:

1. Be careful how you invest, Consider risks, expenses, and charges. After taking an inventory of your assets, define your goals.
2. Be sure your money is safe.
3. All of your money should not be invested in stocks.
4. Develop trust in your funds’ managers. Be sure you know who will be investing your money.
5. Recognize why you’re investing, and consider the objective of your investment. Be careful how much you invest. If something is working, add to it.

The 1% who dominate the investment world can use strategies, and invest in funds that those with less capital can not invest in. The majority of America can not use diversification, a key to investment success, typically used by the wealthy.
More details on are Bradley’s official website.

To read more see the original Reuters article. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/24/idUSnMKWR89fsa+1e0+MKW20141124