Sawyer Howitt – The Upcoming CEO of Meriwether Group

Meriwether group is a private Company that was founded by David Howitt in 2008. The Company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with David as the CEO. Meriwether provides three service groups. They offer funding, acceleration and gives advice on an exit strategy for starting businesses and those looking to grow. Firstly, entrepreneurs are supported through business accelerator services like building brand, sourcing, manufacturing and international expansion.

Secondly, Meriwether capital partners are experienced in providing entrepreneurs with financing expertise, capital options, and vision. They have the Mezzanine Debt Fund that provides short-term capital and Village Family Capital that provides larger capital.

Thirdly, Meriwether provides strategic options advisory. It helps entrepreneurs to review and concentrate on strategic options while still maintaining your culture, original vision, and your brand process. At Meriwether group, personalized approaches are offered to the companies or businesses to suit their best needs.

Meriwether Family Office provides all the services. They formulate brand licensing strategy. They also help companies in creating compelling retail concepts and reinforcing your brand’s positioning so as to get the right consumers. This further helps in product marketing. The Personnel at Meriwether have strong operational expertise. They help companies in building a strategic plan and how to finance your company’s growth. They help optimize funding strategies including costing, delivery and reducing costs.

For those Companies looking for international expansion, Meriwether helps you market in a manner to gain revenue and gain value. The other services provided at Meriwether group and food and beverage, publishing and content creation and Health & Wellness. The Company also has offices in San Francisco from where it is well updated with the latest technology and interact with technology companies in Silicon Valley.

David Howitt is married to Heather Howitt together with whom they have two children: Hailey and Sawyer Howitt. Sawyer Howitt is the project manager at Meriwether group where he serves as a business development advisor. Sawyer’s other role is to provide innovation in emerging technology. He prepares effective business presentations. Sawyer Howitt works alongside his father, David. Sawyer is currently enrolled for a degree in Consumer Economics at the University of California.

David is the author of the book: Heed your call; a book that describes how entrepreneurship applies to modern lives.