End Citizens United has always been willing to embark on a path which would take it into a direct battle with many of the wealthiest political donors in the U.S. and the candidates using their funding for their own needs. The latest step taken by the traditional PAC has been to reveal a list of the 20 Republican politicians in Washington D.C. who have done the most for their donors instead of working alongside their constituents to build a better future for the U.S. as a whole.

The list has been revealed under the title, “Big Money 20” and focuses on some of the biggest names in conservatism in the U.S. who have been warned the PAC will be challenging them over the course of the 2018 election campaigning season. Many political commentators were shocked to see some of the Republicans with the safest seats in Congress named to the list as a battle over their position in Washington seems to be an unwinnable battle; however, for End Citizens United the chance to get their message across to the people of the nation about the influence of wealthy billionaire donors seems like too good an opportunity to miss. House Speaker Paul Ryan and former Republican Presidential candidate, Ted Cruz have both been identified as those who have become the political pawns of the billionaire donor class by End Citizens United and will face a challenge to their positions in Congress by the PAC.

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End Citizens United has been looking to build support for its fight against the rising tide of money from billionaire donors who have been having a major influence on the direction the U.S. is taking in a political sense. Across the nation the people of the U.S. are becoming more concerned about the rising influence of big money in politics on both side of the political spectrum; End Citizens United has been looking to build support among Democrats who have backed their push for fairness in the election cycle. Over the last few months, End Citizens United has built a powerful group of supporters who now number three million members hoping to protect important legislation such as the Johnson Amendment which has come under threat from Republican lawmakers.

Operating as a traditional PAC does not seem to have had an effect on the ability of End Citizens United to raise millions of dollars for the good of the PAC and the Democrat candidates it supports. Tiffany Muller recently revealed the PAC is on course to raise its goal of $35 million to battle to repeal the Citizens United decision of 2010 which has allowed major donors to rise to the top of the political landscape for both major parties.

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