From the Middle Ages onward the U.K. has always been a major player in the global wine industry as wine enthusiasts and investors from across the planet are consistently looking to British based companies to guide their choices. As English wines become a gold standard among those developed in cooler climates with unique flavors and textures being developed that reflect the English countryside; the role of U.K. vintners is growing as local wines become more sought after and the Internet allows easier communications between vintners and their global list of clients.

Looking through the list of some of the top U.K. vintners produced by Citrite it is clear to see the role of U.K. vintners is evolving over the course of the 21st century as new companies, such as McKinley Vintners who source wines from the new world of Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. Vintners have always come together in a bid to form tasting groups who sample wines from around the world to see which are the best in their price ranges and varieties to create respected companies who know as much as possible about the wines of the world.

Beginning in the 1980s, some of the world’s top wineries began looking to experts from U.K. vintners to sample their wines and identify which vintages and varieties were at the top of the industry. A number of vintners have continued this tradition with companies like Merchant Vintners who have over 50 years of experience in the industry have developed links to wineries and vineyards in traditional wine producing regions of France and Italy to make sure they are able to provide the best possible wines for any reason to their list of clients.

U.K. vintners perform a number of different tasks for their clients, including providing wines for events and the simple enjoyment of different varieties of grape; A&B Vintners were formed in 1998 and have developed a personal link to most client relationships to make sure the best wines are chosen to suit the needs of the customer. Investment wines and storage are always important factors in the modern industry for U.K. vintners as clients from all over the world look to wine experts from the nation to purchase bottles from major wineries and those developing a reputation with an eye on the wine growing in value over the coming years.