Mike Baur is one of the leading business people in Switzeralnd. He has had a long career helping businesses find ways to grow and expand. During his career, Mike has provided mentorship, advisement and funding to help a number of entrepreneurs get the help they need to reach their full potential. Baur first began his career in banking where he would provide assistance with providing loans and advice. After working in the banking sector for two decades, he would then begin getting involved with investing in startup businesses. Once he invested in startup businesses, he realized their potential and then decided to co found his own company called Swiss Start up Factory. With all of these experiences, Mike Baur has been able to build a versatile career.


Baur’s company Swiss Start up Factory has been in business for three years. While it is a young company, it is one of the more innovative in Switzerland. The company has a unique business model in which it holds an event for entrepreneurs to attend. During this event, the entrepreneurs will present their business idea to Mike. He will then evaluate the business and then decide which ones to work with. Once he chooses a few businesses, he will then provide a number of services such as financing, mentorship, coaching and consulting. These forms of assistance will then help many businesses get in position to be successful.


One of the ways in which Mike’s company Swiss Start up Factory helps businesses is by offering financing. Since a number of startups need money in order to grow and expand, it is critical that they find a reliable source of funding. While they can go to traditional banks, they might not qualify for certain loans. As a result they will need to go to another source. Fortunately for these startups, Mike Baur’s company Swiss Start up Factory provides them with a very good alternative option. His company will invest its money in profitable businesses and therefore help these startups fund their operations.


Along with providing funding to startups, Swiss Start up Factory also provides mentorship and coaching as well. With this form of assistance, a number of entrepreneurs can get expert guidance on how to best run their companies. They will also get valuable advice and feedback on their progress and what they need to do in order to get to the next level. By getting mentorship and coaching, many startups will put themselves in better position to succeed.



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