Julie Zuckerberg has gained the reputation of an astute talent acquisition specialist. At the moment, she works at the New York branch of Deutsche Bank where she is the executive talent acquisition manager. Her expertise has helped tens of businesses to fulfill their recruitment mandates. Julia is based in Manhattan, which is one of New York’s major financial hubs. She has been working at Deutsche Bank since 2014. What stands out from her career is the fact that she makes decisions that have a positive impact on businesses.


Julia’s longevity in the executive recruitment industry has afforded her the opportunity to partner with renowned leaders in different sectors. She has particularly carved a niche for herself in the formulation of recruitment strategies that provide guidance towards corporate improvement. She has also been involved in training other executive recruiters, something that has earned her a legendary status. Julia understands that recruitment plays a significant role in building business relationships besides improving corporate compliance.


Education and Career Success


Julia is an alumnus of City University of New York-Brooklyn College from where she holds a degree in philosophy. She also undertook advanced studies in talent acquisition from the New York Law School. Ms. Zuckerberg’s experience in the industry spans more than 15 years. She counts Hudson, Citi, and New York Life Insurance Company among top corporations that she has worked for.


At Hudson, Julia was the Director of Candidate Placement. Her role was to recruit paralegals, case managers, and support staff. Besides this, she oversaw employee training and counselling, and conflict resolution. Her stint was remarkable due to her attention to detail, dedication, persistence, passion, and strong work ethic. At Citi, Julia was the Executive Recruiter. During this time, she was also the corporation’s Vice President. She served in these positions for more than six years during which she was able to negotiate numerous high-ranking job offers. She also provided advice on global talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.


At New York Life Insurance Company, Julia was Vice President and Head of Recruitment. During this stint, her role was overseeing the company’s recruitment processes in liaison with other managers. She plays a similar role in her current position at Deutsche Bank. She directs talent acquisition and management in New York. Since her appointment, she has helped the institution to streamline its recruitment strategies to meet the demands of the industry. She also offers advice pertaining to competitive markets and compensation trends.


Other Interests


Julia spends most of her free time mentoring professionals who are interested in talent acquisition. She recognizes that she would never have been successful without being mentored, and that her skills have been broadened through her interactions with the tremendous mentors that she has met in her career.


Ms. Zuckerberg also has an interest in understanding how technology can be used to enhance business efficiency. She loves immersing herself in New York’s vibrant and dynamic cultural scene. She is also an avid lover and a staunch supporter of civil and human rights, and animal welfare. Her hobbies include jogging and photography.