James Dondero has spent over thirty years investing in equity markets and the credit markets and would be referred to by most as a financial guru. He has used his knowledge to help create the highly specialized Collateralized Loan Obligation option for investors. However, now in his position as president of co-founder of Highland Capital Management he is hoping to give more back to his community.

Dondero has joined up with prominent Dallas civic leader Linda Owen the former Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation president to get more input about how his company can increase their philanthropy. He hopes that Owen will be able to offer more strategic advice to help Highland Capital Management expand its charitable giving program by maximizing its philanthropy opportunities.

To help accomplish this goal, Owen has been given the position of charitable giving manager for Highland Capital which works with The Dallas Foundation to give out donations. James Dondero explains that his company has been doing more philanthropic activities every year and to ensure that they make the largest impact with their efforts they need a dedicated professional. He went on to say that Owen has a stellar reputation within Dallas for building great partnerships and making positive impacts in the community.

Every year Highland Capital Management gives over $3 million to a number of charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation. The company focuses its donations on health care, education, and veteran’s causes and recipients include Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, Dallas Zoo, American Heart Associating, and more.

The company has been highly successful over the last decade enabling it to continue its philanthropy efforts. It manages over $17 billion of assets for customers and is considered to be one of the top global alternative credit managers. It specializes in offering its clients alternative investments in areas such as natural resources, long/short equities, and emerging markets. The company is centered in Dallas but has field offices in Singapore, New York, Seoul, and Sao Paolo. For more information about the company’s philanthropy efforts check out the original story here.


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