For many families, correction facilities are an enemy of their unity. This is because they separate members of a family and kills its unity when a member commits an offense and ends up paying for it in jail or prison. As a result, families can be separated having a lifetime effect, especially on the young ones who are likely not to understand why their parent or sibling as to go.


Many kids whose parents are serving time grow up without the love or the guidance of a parent. This leads to most of them making the wrong choices or having the company of the wrong associates. Often making poor choices and finding themselves hooked up on drugs, crime or gang activates.


In a bid to bring together families that ate separated by prisons and jails. The authorities have come up solutions aimed at fostering the communication between the inmates and their loved ones. The authorities, however, have to leave the role of offering telecommunication services to inmates and their families to companies who have an agreement with the correction facilities to offer the communication service.


Most families, therefore, are at the mercy of the companies to provide telecommunication services and solutions that are sustainable and try to preserve the family values.


Securus Technologies has been in the forefront of serving their clients with the best and latest telecommunication services. The company has invested heavily in patents and infrastructure that will ensure better services.


Their latest product has been praised by the inmates and their families who believe that the services will give them a chance to unite families that are on the verge of breaking. The technology will also allow inmates to take an active role in the raising of their kids.


Video visitation is the latest addition to the services offered by Securus Technologies. Securus’ clients shall be able to make visitation to their loved ones in prison through video chats.


The inmate will be able to communicate with their loved ones via a live video feed and take part in the activities going on in their children’s lives in the outside word. A father or mother in prison shall be able to help their kid with homework via a video link.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

This will ensure that children whose parents are in correction facilities will enjoy parental love and guidance.