In this day and age, companies are finally starting to recover after the collapse of the global economy during the Great Recession. Many companies are struggling to recover from the losses they suffered. Fortunately, the expertise of Principal Executive Kenneth Goodgame has supported many companies before, during, and after the recession and managed to decrease their losses and increase profits through the most difficult years they have faced.

Ken Goodgame has been a Marketing, Sales, and Retail Merchandising leader in the industry for over twenty years. His veteran status in this industry stands as a testament for what he has and can accomplish with his unique vision and understanding of how a company operates and how people view and understand a company and its products. In fact, his experience has led major companies such as True Value, Newell Rubbermaid, and Home Depot to exponentially increase sales and profits. They have turned to him in order to promote and introduce their new products successfully, time and time again, for a very good reason — he makes the product a success.

His innovative merchandising, business strategy, and financial oversight have allowed companies to excel under his guidance. Goodgame works with companies to establish an effective management team that drive inventory and merchandising and turn around low-performance. He is able to address issues that others are may miss in order to decrease costs and improve overall quality and profitability of the products and companies that he works with. His ability to read market trends and identify shifts in those trends allows him to advise companies to avoid costly mistakes. This has made his expertise very valuable during and after the Great Recession, when he was able to address the unique issues that plagued many companies and get them back on track for a bright future. Companies are able to rely on Ken Goodgame for their future, a good thing to know when so many things these days are so uncertain.