The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey is a driving force in helping the citizens of Newark attain employment and nourish the economic climate. Recently, CFO Kevin Seawright announced that his agency was partnering with NewarkWorks and two large banks to focus on the youth of the community. The six-week summer program that Seawright developed provides over 3,000 students with minimum wage jobs in participating companies. The students receive job training, financial success lessons and college-preparedness lessons while getting paid. The partnering banks are providing the fiscal training while the students are working in the program, which focuses on real-world skills, like managing checking and savings accounts. College-preparedness lessons will focus on the logistics of navigating the college environment, like applying and registering for classes.

The program was a huge success the previous summer in 2015, and Kevin was pleased to announce that the application process had been transferred to an online platform, making it easier for students to gain access. He also hoped to add 500 more open positions to the program. The students come away from the summer more prepared for both college and the adult work force, making them more productive citizens overall. Everyone ends up benefiting from this program. To read the full press release on the event, click here.

He has been involved in a number of government and economic organizations in his lifetime, and he always leaves them better than when he found them. His success in improving the programs he is involved in is a great hope for the Newark community to keep feeding their economic success. He is a man who realizes that working on the infrastructure of the community will make his city a better place.   Read Kevin speaking about the initiative on LocalTalkNews.

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