People all over the United States have been relying on OSI Group products for a long time. OSI Group is a large company that’s based in Aurora, Illinois just outside of Chicago. It’s so big that it employs workers from all around the planet. It feeds individuals from all around the planet as well. OSI Group is a firm that concentrates on food. Food isn’t where its expertise ends, though. It also makes protein products that are available for sale in grocery stores internationally.

OSI Group is a company that has a number of goals. It strives to give consumers customized food options, helpful supply chain knowledge, international taste expertise and world-class culinary abilities. The team members at OSI Group know a lot about quality assurance and food safety. They’re also 100 percent devoted to sustainability.

Pork, beef, bacon, poultry, sandwich, fried foods, produce, baked snack, pizza, sausage and hot dog processing are all focal points for the staff at OSI Group. Some examples of OSI Group’s food specialties are pulled pork, fresh dough, salami, chicken fried steak, bacon bits, nuggets, meatballs, roasted pork, Salisbury steak, taquitos, pork hot dogs and beans. People depend on OSI Group for everything from tomatoes and lettuce to bread and raw cuts.

Other areas of expertise that are available through OSI Group are international food supply, food process engineering and food R&D (Research and Development). The team members at OSI Group spend a lot of time thinking about food product development and all of the things it entails. They put attention on detail-oriented subjects such as cost reduction, product ideation, shelf life research, new product development, nutritional details, sensory assessments, duplication, market research concept development. The acquisition of ingredients also is a major topic for OSI Group.

OSI Group is a business that understands the world of food processing. They know exactly how food processing works from start to finish. The company’s food processing skills include frozen and fresh processing, stacking, portioning, slicing, trimming and extrusion. Its food preparation technologies include marination, breading, searing, browning, sous vide, hot oil frying and jacketed kettle. Its food packaging talents, last but not least, are vacuum packaging, overwrapping, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) and foodservice packing. OSI Group is an example of a company that’s constantly trying to improve. That’s the reason it has such a massive and undeniable international appeal.

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