Me and my fellow corrections officers work tirelessly each day to ensure the safety of every person in our prison. If one inmate can bring drugs into the jail, he can basically sell it to dozens or more, and then we have gone from a dangerous to deadly situation in the blink of an eye. We are already outnumbered by these inmates, and adding drugs into that mix only makes it that much more challenging to maintain order in a hostile environment.


To try and keep the problem from getting out of hand, me and my fellow officers work hard in the visitor center to maintain that no one gets anything to the inmates. We monitor interaction and do searches of everyone that comes into that area of the prison. We send a team of officers to different cells during the day to try and locate any drugs that may have gotten by our team searches. Even working at this each day, the flow of drugs seems to just continue as it always has. Once Securus Technologies installed our call monitoring system, we felt like we had a team working with us to clean up our facility.


The team at Securus Technologies all work towards the single objective of making the world a safe place for everyone to live. Knowing this monitoring system is already in over two thousand jails, we felt like we had a strong connection with their team and could really put a dent in the flow of drugs. Once we made use of the LBS software, it would pick up unique chatter from the inmates regarding who was in possession of drugs, how they got the drugs, and where they were hiding drugs in our jail. Each alert gave us the ability to tighten things down and stop the flow of these drugs.