Christian Wiklund is founder and CEO of a fantastic, worldwide social app that if easy to connect with people around the world as well as making it fun to donate money to certain causes; it is called SKOUT. SKOUT is an app that creates a mobile-social community.

SKOUT originated in 2007 and has remained one of the top 10 social apps. Developed in San Francisco, Wiklund designed this international social app to expand their network into 180 countries and 16 different languages. The app encourages interaction with features including likes, backstage photos, which you can unlock through in-app credits, comments, emoticons and virtual gifts.

One unique feature is the “Shake to Chat,” allows the user to establish a random connection with another one shaking around the world, simply by shaking your device. This can be tons of fun as you connect and network with new friends.

Another fabulous feature that has been used in several ways is the “virtual gifts” feature. Mr. Wiklund initially, designed it to be used between users, but, recently, Wiklund and the tech team have devised another way to use this feature, and it provides users to give into the community.

Last year, SKOUT united the app community and encouraged its users to participate in supporting certain causes. Scout designated certain days where using the virtual gifts would result in donations made to charities such as the Harvest Food Bank where SKOUT fed over 30,000 people.

Skout also donated to the Make-a-wish Foundation in San Francisco on Superheroes Day. Using the virtual gifts feature already on the app, the users used the virtual gifts and then SCOUT donated to benefit the Foundation. SKOUT has proven to the public that they are an extraordinary networking app.

By using SKOUT on your Smartphone or your favorite device, you can connect to other users around the world and also make a difference in the world you live in with the donations that can be made. Reach out a helping hand to those in need and make new friends as you do. SKOUT is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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