DIVERSANT LLC is a top provider of IT staffing services in the United States. African-Americans majorly own the company; hence, it operates as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. They offer a wide variety of accessible and consistent staffing solutions, and these include IT staffing augmentations, innovative diversity, and direct hiring. The company has a brilliant strategy that manages is products and services, which are aimed at satisfying the need if the customers, associates, and the society. DIVERSANT treats its clients as partners by using a consultative method while doing business.

Technology is currently evolving hence there is a high demand for highly skilled professionals. DIVERSANT help its clients in acquiring the right IT talent that they need by using very efficient procedures in sourcing and vetting the experts. The specialists have the ability to serve different types of organizations, and they have the knowledge and experience that can be required in developing a fully customized software for the client. DIVERSANT matches different types of talent, culture, and personality with the organizations that need them. This has assisted it in developing robust and long-lasting relationships with the IT consultants and the clients.

John Goullet is a Principal at DIVERSANT LLC a very successful business person. He kicked off his career in IT consultancy and changed to IT staffing in 1994. He has been the founder of various successful IT companies. John has ample knowledge of emerging business trends, and this motivated him to start Info Technologies. He founded the company as an IT staffing enterprise, and his main targeted customers were the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. He steered Info Technologies well and within five years he had built it from a startup capital to a worth of thirty million dollars. The firm was recognized by Inc. magazine as was ranked eighth in the first five hundred fastest growing businesses in America. In 2010, John Goullet became a major shareholder of DIVERSANT LLC after he merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc. He has continued with his passion of offering IT solutions to business by serving as a leader at DIVERSANT LLC.

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