Status Labs is an online management firm that helps clients successfully attract an audience through exciting content to help increase sales and participation. Status Labs offers unique advice for each specific client. The goal of Status Labs is primarily to help clients grow through digital marketing and public relations strategy. The company has offices in Texas, New York, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.


The President and founder of the company is Darius Fisher. Under Fisher’s watch, the company has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries; including politicians and athletes. While president, Fisher created the strategic vision of the company, established partnerships, and directed sales and account management teams. Before founding Status Labs, Fisher was a political consultant, as well as a copywriter. Fisher is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University.


Recently, Darius Fisher looked at different ways to handle when inappropriate photos are leaked online for the public to see.  Consider hiring a public relations firm to guide you in the process of making statements to the media and handling criticism of your reputation.


Fisher notes that it is important to act immediately and have a positive approach. It’s important to minimize views and damage. Reach out to the administrators and ask that the photo or photos be taken down as soon as possible. An attorney can help you put together a take down notice. Do research on the laws in your state to see if legal action may be taken against the website or distributor.
Look to create some positive content to replace the negative headlines. It is important to have a mobile friendly website. Make sure that all of your social media accounts link back to positive blogs and posts. Most importantly, just learn from the mistake to prevent it from happening again. Use different passwords to protect your phone and accounts from hackers. Have different passwords for things such as bank and e-mail addresses. Check the online privacy

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  1. Fisher noted that the first thing that he would do is address the situation. It’s important to accept responsibility and explain how you are going to handle the situation. How I wish that do get in to handle the situation at hand right now.

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