When the internet was still in the proverbial dark ages, you had to have a dial up connection to get online. Many people decided that being online should be a free service and something they would never pay for. That very sentiment has been rescinded as individuals now pay for the privilege every single month.


FreedomPop is a service that provides free service for both mobile’s and the internet. They have caused waves in the mobile service field for five years now. This is not the right server for everyone but it really is free and has some incredibly economical options to fit a lot of different types of budgets as well. The FreedomPop review is excellent and when you sign up, there are numerous different services to choose from regarding your mobile and internet connectivity.


FreedomPop’s biggest offering is cell phone service that is absolutely free. This service provides you with 500 Megabytes of 4G of data. You also receive two hundred minutes of voice with no limit on texting. When texts are sent or received, your data will be used. In addition to this service being at no charge, there are absolutely no contracts or fees for cancellation. Most service providers have rather stiff cancellation fees. FreedomPop makes use of the Sprint Network for their services.


While 500 Megabytes is a very low number for individuals who use data on a regular basis, it is important to remember the service is free. For some, like those who stream music and teenagers, this is probably not enough data. The company has stated specifically that this particular service is for the lighter users. Checking email while out and about or browsing through Facebook works just fine. Those who spend hours watching videos on YouTube will need more data.


Should you go over your allotment of data, things can get put of hand quickly. When you have reached the last 100 Megabytes of data in a month you will be charged ten dollars automatically. Customers will be sent an email letting them know there is an automatic charge so they are able to stop this charge before it comes out of their account. Their website can also be used to stop his charge from occurring. The service if completely free for a year, then the charge is ten dollars and ninety-nine cents per month.

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