The Life And Philanthropic Achievements Of Dick DeVos.

Dick DeVos is a Michigan-born businessman, philanthropist, politician, and sportsman. As a philanthropist, he’s the founder and major donor to the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Dick DeVos started this nonprofit charity in collaboration with his wife. The DeVos Family Foundation is a development oriented charity organization. This foundation pushes for the growth and development of local communities globally. The DeVos Family Foundation also partners with several organizations to institute programs that increase the viability communities. So far his foundation has engaged in numerous community initiatives mainly in Michigan and the rest of United States. It has also worked internationally in many countries.

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy started this family foundation in 1989. This couple has been together for over 30 years, and they have managed to achieve significant milestones together. The DeVos family is made up of their four children and one daughter-in-law. There is also two sons-in-law and two young granddaughters. Family aside, Dick Devos has had a very prosperous business career. His success started he was still a young student at Northwood University. He successfully graduated with one of the highest scores in business. He had earlier attended the Forest Hills Public Schools before he joined Northwood University.

After his graduation in 1974, he joined his father’s business franchise Amway Corporation. He showed a lot of dedication in his work and a great desire for success. He was able to head at various notable divisions of this firm as he graduated to the top executive level. Dick DeVos was appointed the Vice President of this firm in 1984. In this position, he successfully led to the growth of Amway International to 18 new markets. In 1991, Dick DeVos bought the NBA basketball franchise, Orlando Magic. He became the chief executive officer and the president of this basketball franchise. In 1993, Dick DeVos became the president of Amway International.

As a sportsman, Dick DeVos has been the National Champion sailor twice. This February he joined other 31 sailors to compete for the 2016 Gold Cup. This two-day event was organized by Lauderdale Yacht Club (LYC). Dick DeVos is a very talented and experienced sailor. By the turn of the second day, he was leading with one point. He was ahead of Alessandro Rombelli, the current World Champion. His other kin, Rick DeVos who is also very talented and passionate about sailing came in fifth.

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