Disasters and emergencies are frequently experienced in many parts of the world. Humanitarian are always in the fore-line to save lives of affected people need a lot of supplies to make their missions possible. IAP Worldwide is a company that offers these services through the provision of supplies in dangerous areas where military activities are required. This is a logistics company that uses technology and skills to deal with different problems that pose a threat to people.

IAP Worldwide Inc. has served in the military procurement and supplies for over 60 years. It started as a supplies agency to the US Army during the operations in Saudi Arabia. The consistency in supplies made them trustworthy thus forming a lifetime partnership with the military. Since then, more international agencies have contracted the company to provide some resources. Apart from the international services, the company offers local services like power generation, transport services among others to their customers.

The workers hired by the firm are highly trained to prove clients with satisfaction to their needs. Individual ability is combined to form a team that has cohesive skills and understanding to find perfect solutions to particular problems. The commitment of workers cannot be matched with other plays in this field. Each professional is entitled to contribute his or her ability in General Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Operations, or Program Management. The combined efforts bring about growth and success of the organization.

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The investment done by the organization ensures all workers have all the resources required to conduct research. Modern laboratories are established where testing and operation of military technologies is performed. In the past year, IAP Worldwide has expanded operations by acquiring tow companies. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) which was acquired specializes in communication and telecommunication engineering. DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) specializes in airplane maintenance and rescue missions.

The organization has been growing over the years. It has operations in over 25 countries in the world. The success enjoyed in disaster management during natural occurrences, or battlefields have made the company the leader in supplying military facilities and technical installation. Other services provided during the rescue missions are transport vehicles and power generators. The technology used has seen many lives saved where the company plays a hand in the rescue mission. The goal of serving the customers is to adopt their mission and work hard till the client is satisfied with the outcomes.

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