Wengie shares 20 funny things everyone lies about. The first thing is that you are “just looking” in your favorite store in the mall when in fact you come home with bags full of stuff. Next is that you have “nothing to wear” when you have a closet full of clothes. Her next lie is that you are “not playing games” on your phone when you are supposed to be working or studying when in fact you have your phone tucked inside your book.


Next is when you pretend to laugh even though you didn’t hear the joke someone said. The next thing Wengie says we lie about is not being hungry but then stealing someone’s food when they sit next to you. Next is saying that someone is “not your type” but later stalking their social media posts to learn more about them. Another lie we tell is that we want someone to take “just one photo” of us, but then keep asking for more until we get a good shot. The next thing is when we pretend to know our friends’ pop culture references when we actually don’t.


Another lie we tell is seeing a long lost friend and saying you’ll call them but never getting around to it. Next is how we keep telling our computer to remind us to update tomorrow but we keep clicking it every day. Another thing is that saying that you will just have one of a snack. The next lie we tell is lying about someone’s cooking being good when it actually tastes bad. We also tag our photos as #nofilter when we actually edit them a lot.


Next is that we lie to the phone maintenance people and say we didn’t damage our phone so we don’t know why it is broken. Another lie is saying someone is your best friend when they actually aren’t. The next lie is saying you are “so hungry” and then not actually eating a lot. We also tell people their boring stories are “so interesting.” Next, we say that we are good at walking in heels when we aren’t.